How to Maintain your Solar Powered Smartphone Charger

Solar Powered Smartphone Charger

Most solar powered smartphone charger come with batteries and solar panels with charging ports. This means you can charge your phone even when there is no sunlight. It is similar to power banks but the difference is that solar phone charger also called solar battery banks are portable, affordable, efficient and eco-friendly. 

The first modern day solar battery charger was created by Bell Laboratories in 1953 and Miloš Milisavljević, founder if Strawberry Energy company invented the solar powered phone charger. Popular mobile brand, Samsung was the first time launch a solar -powered phone into the market in 2009 with other brands like Xiaomi and Micromax following that path.

Solar panels convert the energy of photons into electricity through a process called the photovoltaic effect. The panels produce direct current (DC) energy, which can be used for charging your smarphone. The panels enable you to charge smartphones directly with the sun. The charging time of your device depends on the intensity of sunlight and capacity if the solar powered smartphone charger. 

Some of the key features of a solar smartphone charger:

  • Large battery capacity 
  • Built in Flashlights
  • Dual USB outputs 
  • Battery level indicator
  • Water-resistant
  • Foldable and comes with straps for easily mobility
  • Prevents overheating
  • Good build Quality
  • Lightweight

Keep in mind that the greater the number of features, the heavier and sometimes more expensive the product will be. Below are some tips on how to take good care of your Solar Powered phone charger:

Read the User Manual

Every maintenance tips is written in the user manual. This applies to all tech products you purchase. First thing you should do is to read the user manual. It will guide you on how to preserve the battery life and enjoy the performance of the solar power bank charger.

Unplug your Phone from an Empty Battery

Many solar chargers sold in the market dont have a blocking diode to prevent power draining back from the smartphone into the battery. This is why you should always monitor charging and disconnect your smartphine from an empty battery.

Ensure that your Charging Device has Capacity to Fully Charge your Battery

To use a solar portable charger efficiently, allow it to fully charge by exposing the solar panel to direct sunlight. Insufficient charging power can lessen the  Life span.

Do not Overcharge it
Usually, most solar power banks have a light indicator to show the battery percentage. It is important that you do not overcharge the solar power bank battery. Make sure you recharge before it’s completely drained.

Keep it Clean
Keep your charger clean by wiping it down regularly with a dry cloth. Avoid using any liquids or water to clean it.

Store it Properly
When not in use, wrap the cord neatly and store it in a cool and dry place. Avoid wrapping it too tightly as it can cause the wires inside to break.

Charge your Solar Power Bank Batteries Frequently

The batteries should never be left uncharged for extended period of time. Leaving it uncharged can cause serious damage to them.

Avoid Supply of Excessive Voltage

Solar Powered Smartphone Charger

Avoid charging too many devices at once or charging devices that require a higher voltage than your charger can handle. If you are charging an iPhone via a 12V socket, please ensure that the 12V plug you use is compatible with your solar-powered charger model. Also, some solar chargers can damage a smartphone if the output is not well controlled. The instruction manual attached to the solar charger product should be careful read to avoid damaging your phone or the charging device.


By following these tips, you can extend the life of your phone charger and ensure that it works properly for a long time.

If you are an outdoor adventurer and rely on your smartphones for information daily, then we recommend you get the Solar-Powered charger. It is the perfect travel companion and eliminated worries about how you’ll charge your devices. This type of smartphone charger only requires the power of the sun to help charger your phone and keep them operating during a power outage. 

The problems with solar powered chargers are the  slow charging and depending on your location if it can’t absorb sufficient sunlight then it can’t charge efficiently.

Nevertheless, solar Powered Smartphone charger is a great invention that is eco-friendly so they can help you reduce your carbon footprint and making the most out of the sun. All solar portable charger will work with any type of smartphone. Your solar charger can last between 3 and 20 years which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer if you take good care if it. By following the tios, you can have a longer guaranteed power output life expectancy. 

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