oraimo OpenPods Review: Designed to Create Comfort for Users


With insights and research that about 2.5 billion people will have some degree of hearing loss, and at least 700 million will require hearing rehabilitation, oraimo launched the Open Audio series – the oraimo OpenPods and OpenCirclet. The number 1 consumer electronics brand in Nigeria designed the Openpods and OpenCirclet devices to minimize hearing damage and keep the ear canal healthy.

The oraimo OpenPods are not just your regular headphones. It has been designed with users’ health and safety in mind. The device is a lifesaver for those that listen to music on the go. When you are on the road or in traffic, you will be able to hear car horns or sounds from the environment. This earbud is not for everyone because it comes with advantages and disadvantages. 

After using the OpenPods for close to two weeks, here are my thoughts on the overall performance of the earbuds and charging case. 

oraimo OpenPods Unboxing

oraimo OpendPods unboxing

The OpendPods came in a good, compact, and well-designed box – a black and green box design which has a picture of the OpenPods in front of it. On the back of the box, there’s a man listening to music using the OpenPod and a lot of information about the product including its specifications and warranty. On the left and right are the key features of the oraimo OpenPods.

Inside the box, you can see the welcome guide, open-ear true wireless earbuds which are safely kept in the charging case and a type-C charging cable. Opening the case you will find the true wireless earbuds tucked neatly inside. You’ll have to remove the protective film glued to the charging terminal.


  1. Great Value
  2. Long Battery Life
  3. Fits the ear comfortably compared to regular earbuds


  1. Doesnt supports fast charging. 
  2. It is hard to understand LED indicator colours
  3. No active noise cancellation 


  • Model: OPN-50D (Open-ear true wireless earphones)
  • Ultra Comfort
  • Oraimo Exclusive boot algorithm
  • Zero hearing damage
  • 4-mic noise reduction HD voice
  • Heavy bass
  • Bluetooth Version: V5.2
  • Bluetooth Range: 10m
  • Earbud Battery Capacity: 75mAh (each earbud)
  • Music play time: Up to 10-hour playtime on a single charge; the case provides additional 30-hour playtime.
  • Charging Battery Capacity: 720mAh
  • Charge Input: Type-C
  • Colour: Nebula Blue

How to Pair and setup the Oraimo OpenPods

  • Remove the earbuds from the charging case
  • Switch on your device Bluetooth and search for oraimo OpenPods
  • White light flashes indicate that the earbud is ready to pair.
  • After pairing with the user device (“Joshua’s Oraimo OpenPods”), the light stops flashing
  • A voice prompt of a successful connection follows.

Note: Connecting to the phone for the first time takes less than 60 seconds. Once you are connected, the oraimo OpenPods will automatically reconnect with your device’s bluetooth every time you bring out the earbud from the case. Once the earbuds are paired to your device, the LED light goes off. Pairing is done only once except after resetting.

Oraimo OpenPods Controls

  • To play or pause music tap on any of the earbuds once.
  • To play the next track, tap twice or for the previous track tap three times
  • To answer a phone call, tap on any of the earbuds once.
  • To refuse to answer a phone call, press on any earbuds for more than 1 second.
  • To hang up the phone call, tap on any of the earbuds once.
  • To switch to low-latency mode, press on the left earbud for more than 2 seconds.
  • To activate the voice assistant, press the button on the right earbud for more than 2 seconds.


The oraimo openPods are really unique. They feature an open in-ear design and are made to ensure the user stays aware of what is happening around his surrounding at all times and yet be able to hear music or receive calls clearly. Oraimo did a pretty good job with the design. While listening to great music, the open-ear design also allows you to hear what’s going on around you, like traffic and other sounds, helping you keep spatial awareness anytime and don’t miss any important information, which is safer for outdoor activities. Oraimo named this feature ‘Stay aware, stay safe.’

The earbuds looked a bit big and bulky, but when you actually wear them, they are not that big at all. It has a Lightweight design and is made of a skin-friendly silicone material that makes you feel no pain in your ears. oraimo OpenPods are very comfortable even when worn for up to 6 hours. It doesn’t fall easily which is good for sports activities. The earbuds will not cover or stick in the ears to make you feel uncomfortable, and superior air conduction technology avoids the discomfort of vibrations caused by bone conductive drivers.

The built quality of the oraimo OpenPods is very good. On the open pods, we have the microphone and earbuds status LED indicator that flashes a white colour very fast when it is on and ready to connect. Behind the earbuds, you can find two magnets that connect the pods to the case for charging. 

The charging case has a matte-like finish which comes with a basic design and is not that attractive. When you open or close the charging case, the LED status indicator at the front turns green. After plugging the case in for charging, you get a steady green light. If you are pairing the earbuds, it shows orange. The button in the middle of the case is the rest button. Behind the charging case is the type-c charging port. 

Sound and Call Performance 

The sound quality is balanced and there is a good bass in it, but not too much. The air canal is not sealed so you should expect a disappointing bass response. It sounds great while watching movies on Netflix and listening to music as well. The OpenPods are powered by 16 mm large dynamic drivers and advanced air conditions which deliver high-quality acoustic precision. 

With the OpenPods design, the microphone is better positioned for clear voice calls which were my best feature. You can easily receive a phone call outside next to a very busy road without noise interference. The mics are great at picking up the caller or receiver’s voice and transmitting high-quality audio during the phone call.

Overall, the sound of the OpenPods earbuds is decent. The audio for music and calls is loud and clear. You should note that the wireless transmission range connectivity could be affected by low battery power. In that case, please recharge immediately to have an amazing listening and call experience.

Battery Life and Charging

oraimo OpendPods charging case

According to the test results from oraimo lab, the charging time for each earbud is approximately 2 hours. The charging time for the case is approximately 2 hours and if the charging case is fully charged, it can recharge the earbuds about 3 times. There is no reason to worry about the battery life of the OpenPods. It delivers up to 40hrs battery strength.

Based on my test, the oraimo OpenPods loses 50% of its battery level after four hours of use. Full battery charge will last about 8 hours which is good. The charging case provides 3 more full charges for the earbuds. This means the battery life works as advertised. For the past 5 days, the charging case was never charged and still has some juice in it.

If the charging case flashes green once after you place the earbud in the case, it indicates that the earbud can be charged normally. Otherwise, it indicates a poor connection with the earbud. We advise you to charge the case fully when you purchase the OpenPods and unbox it for the first time. 

oraimo OpendPods  charging port

oraimo OpenPods Price

How much is oraimo OpenPods in Nigeria? oraimo OpenPods Price in Nigeria is 53,500 naira on oraimo e-shop, Jumia and in partner stores nationwide. Oraimo OpenPods are available for Ksh 9,200 in Kenya and you can directly buy here while for users in other countries, the earbuds are available online via Aliexpress.

Please note that prices might be slightly different across stores. You can get a 5% discount when you use this referral code (QT5HROEWGIWG) to shop for the Oraimo OpenPods here.

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oraimo OpendPods Review

Is Oraimo OpenPods water resistant?

The oraimo OpenPpods come with an IPX5 waterproof and sweat protection rating. You can walk outside in the rain or sweat heavily during your outdoor activities with earbuds. Let music accompany you through rain and workout time. Although, be careful with dipping it in water for too long. The eabuds and charging case might get damaged in heavy rainfall. 


OpenPods is not for everyone, especially for those that need an audio device with noise cancellation. It is built in a way that nothing stays in the ear. For those that focus more on a piece of music undisturbed, the OpenPods is not for you.

Final Verdict

We know oraimo from making affordable and quality accessories and other electronics. After review, we found out that the openPods are quite expensive at $80. Considering the specifications and its performance, the fairly high price isn’t worth it. oraimo made a great product but it should be around $50.

However, the oraimo OpenPods is unique and just not for everybody. We recommend the oraimo OpenPods to users who can afford them and need a premium design, long-lasting battery, great sound and call quality and water-resistant earbuds. If you also have difficulty putting regular wireless earbuds in your ear, this is a perfect alternative. 

On the bright side, the Freepods 4 with active noise cancellation was recently launched in March and we will publish a review shortly. The current price is 21,900 naira. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • If the Earbuds don’t work, charge the case or long-press the earbud to turn on.
  • If only one earbud works, put both earbuds into the charging case with a green indicator flashing once on the case, then take out both earbuds after 10 seconds.
  • Earbuds can’t be charged, put both earbuds into the case and press them down until the charging case flashes green once. Use a cleaning cloth with alcohol to remove dirt from the pogo pin of earbuds and charging case.
  • For bad sound or call quality, use a cleaning cloth with alcohol to remove dirt from the speaker sound hole and microphone.

Note: This review was not sponsored by Oraimo.

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