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Cloudmania wins Microsoft Partner of the Year for 2022 in Ethiopia

Cloudmania, an exclusive provider of cloud partner programme in Africa, announced today its big win as the Microsoft Partner of the Year for 2022 in Ethiopia. The company has opened its doors to 16 countries across the African continent that include South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Cameroon, Botswana,  Mauritius and the Democratic Republic of Congo and is on a mission to bring about digital disruption using the power of the cloud.

Cloudmania’s recent win underscores its extraordinary commitment towards delivering solutions built on Microsoft Cloud and such platforms, further propelling the wave of digitalization across Africa. The company pledges to bring forth cloud-based solutions that can positively impact customers in Africa by supporting them to be agile, secure, and resilient in the new ways of working such as hybrid and remote working. Being recognised by one of the largest global hyper-scalers like Microsoft as ‘Partner of the Year’ is testimony to Cloudmania’s unwavering commitment towards ushering change, development, and progress through the cloud technology.

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“To win, not only in our first year as Cloudmania but also our first year in Ethiopia is an incredible feat and a testimony to the strength of our team and our value to partners. This win reiterates our deep understanding of the role that cloud plays within an organisation where seamless collaboration between employees is key to achieving efficiency and results,” David Behr, CEO of Liquid Cloud & Cyber Security. 

Cloudmania equips and empowers businesses in Africa with innovative cloud technology for them to offer superior solutions to their customers enabling businesses to keep track of their data, performance, and customers, and creates a single pane view of the entire network.  

Liquid Cloud had launched Cloudmania in 2021 in a bid to support Africa’s digital transformation journey. The organisation has deployed dedicated teams of partner development managers in each country along with panel of experts and training programs that can offer tailored solutions they seek while businesses can get comprehensive in-sights on the premium cloud platforms and services, including the likes of Microsoft 365 and Azure solutions.


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