Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator: Blend Seamlessly within your Kitchen


Samsung Electronics has introduced into the African market a new range of consumer electronics most of which are centred on AI and interconnectivity between home and lifestyle technology. One of the new consumer electronics is the Bespoke Fridges introduced into the Nigerian market early this month.

Getting a refrigerator is kind of a big deal for every home. This is why we wrote a review of the new customizable Bespoke Refrigerator range from Samsung. The review considers the location (Nigeria), specifications, design, dimensions, and performance. ease of use in terms of control and using the door handles.

Why you should buy it?

  • Energy Star certified
  • Lots of storage compartment
  • Digital Invertor compressor
  • Made of stainless steel panels to keep the temperature consistent

Why you should avoid it?

  • Smart display absent on the door panel

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator Key Specifications

  • SpaceMax™ Technology
  • Slim Ice Maker
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified
  • Metal Cooling
  • Freezer/Fridge Convertible
  • High-Efficiency LED Lighting
  • Cooling Cover: Metal Cooling Duct
  • Shelf Material: Tempered Glass + Metal Deco
  • Power Cool Function and Freeze Function
  • Reversible Door
  • Door Alarm
  • Noise Level: 40 dBA
  • Total Number of Shelf: 4‎
  • Number of Doors: 4
  • Refrigerant: R-600a
  • Compressor: Digital Inverter Compressor
  • Depth: 33 7/8″
  • Total Capacity: 28.6 cu. ft
  • Refrigerator Capacity: 17 cu. ft
  • Freezer Capacity: 11.6 cu. ft
  • Product Dimensions with Hinges, Handles and Door: 35 7/8″ x 73″ x 33 7/8″


Samsung Bespoke refrigerator comes in Classic Fridge Freezer, 1 Door Fridge, and 1 Door Freezer options to meet any kitchen needs. In Nigeria, we have only three variety of modules available which include:

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator Design
Bespoke refrigerator Styling combinations to suit your style
  • RR7000M Tall One Door Freezer Refrigerator with BESPOKE – Available in glam pink and glam navy colour
  • Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, 339L (RB33T307029) – Available in glam navy and glam pink colour

Designed for a modern lifestyle

Samsung’s new range of Bespoke refrigerators is beautiful and built to fit your lifestyle. “Bespoke” means made for a particular customer or user. It is custom-made to fit each user’s lifestyle.

Owners can customize the fridge in different ways to fit into the kitchen design easily. Samsung smart Bespoke refrigerators can blend in with your kitchen cabinets or any area in the house you wish to have them in.

Customizable Door colours

The door panels of the refrigerator are changeable and customizable to the type of design you want. Depending on your location and availability, the Bespoke refrigerator can be designed from two colours and two finishes to create a space that fits your style.

It is available in a variety of colour options for each of the four doors: Glam White, Glam Pink and Glam Navy. In the U.S., Samsung lets you show off your red white and blue pride with the limited edition BESPOKE refrigerator and we hope this will be available in Nigeria soon.

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator Features

BESPOKE refrigerators are stocked with high-performance features for all your beverage and food needs.

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator Features
The fridge interior

SpaceMax™ Technology

Samsung Bespoke refrigerator features a built-in SpaceMax™ Technology to store more food in an extra large 385-litre fridge with a standard 600mm depth design, which will seamlessly align with your cabinets.

Versatile: Convert from fridge to freezer

The Bespoke 4-door flex fridge is very versatile. The Lower right flex zone compartment can be converted to either a refrigerator or freezer. For example, it works as a fridge, freezer or even both at the same time. It features customizable temperature settings allowing the user to adjust temperatures to choose what foods to store from fruits, meats, and vegetables to your favourite ice cream at their optimal temperature.

Organized and Spacious storage

The Bespoke refrigerator is designed for convenience and allows owners to store and access their foods and drinks with ease. The Samsung Refrigerator with SpaceMax gives you all the space you need inside with a stylish look on the outside. The top two sections serve as the refrigerator and the bottom two serve as the freezer. The fridge has the option to expand the storage section depending on extra things or kinds of stuff you want to add.

Slim Ice Maker

There is the slim ice maker on the left door of the Bespoke fridge which is where the ice comes from to fill your glass. It works automatically and comes in handy when you are about to throw a party and in need of ice.

Unlike other fridge models, the bespoke gives you enough ice and more freezer storage space. A Slim Ice Maker is built into the freezer door, so it gives you valuable extra storage by freeing up space in the freezer. But it can still store plenty of ice, and its transparent compartment lets you easily see how much is left. Enjoy your favourite beverage and chill with your choice of ice.

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator slim ice maker

Metal Cooling

At the back of the compartment of the Bespoke Refrigerator is a Stainless Steel plate – A Metal cooling plate. It maintains the optimal cooling and
freshness performance of the fridge. Hence, prevents the loss of cool air anytime the door is open and restores heat loss when it is shut. It removes offensive or unpleasant odours so that you can open the fridge to a fresh and pleasant odour.

Metal Cooling

Digital Inverter Technology

The Samsung Bespoke refrigerator uses a digital inverter compressor which ensures high efficiency and consistent temperature inside the refrigerator. The compressor is always on and can operate at different speeds, unlike the standard single-speed compressor.

Digital inverter compressors are much quieter offering greater durability with a continually optimized performance. It adjusts its speed in response to cooling demand. And according to Samsung, it is certified to work for 21 years, backed up by a 10-year warranty.

High-Efficiency LED Lighting

The fridge has built-in LED lighting to help users find ingredients easily. It’s slimmer, brighter and more energy efficient and more comfortable light than conventional lighting.


You get an all-around cooling performance in any form you want: simple couple or family size. The fridge temperature was steady and accurate. Most of the interior compartment stayed chilled for a longer period of time. This means without electricity your food items are preserved.

Note: We did not take a long-term performance review of the Bespoke refrigerator.

Pricing and Availability of Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator

Pricing and Availability of Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator
Available at any Samsung SIM stores nationwide

Visit any Samsung authorized store or SIM store to experience the all-new Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator. The Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator has a price tag of 597,700 naira

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The future of refrigerators requires that the best fridge can do so much more than chill your food. It comes with a stylish and customer-fit design but it doesn’t qualify as a smart fridge. The Bespoke refrigerator range from Samsung is a refrigerator I would highly recommend if you want the best value with a good performance and still affordable.


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