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Content Creators now Eligible to Earn Money from Instagram and Facebook Monetisation in Nigeria

Meta Platforms, Inc. has enabled Facebook in-stream advertisements for Nigerian content creators. Nigeria was formally added by the social media giant to the list of nations where content creators can earn money from Facebook on Thursday. 

In March 2024, Meta Corporation, previously Facebook, said that by June, Nigerian content creators will be able to monetize their Instagram and Facebook accounts. This was stated by Sir Nick Clegg, President of Global Affairs at Meta, while he was leading a Meta Platforms Incorporated delegation to visit the President of Nigeria, His Excellency President Bola Tinubu, at the State House in Abuja.”

Presidential spokesman Ajuri Ngelale further stated that, according to Clegg, the social media company will launch a feature on its app in June 2024 that will enable creators in Nigeria to monetize their content and earn money using the app. “

Instagram won’t be the only platform used for monetization. Facebook monetisation will be available to Nigerian creators who are qualified to use our monetisation products, Meta announced in March. “Our team is committed to a quick rollout, and we’re working hard to make these monetization features available for Nigerian creators in June,” the statement added. 

On Thursday, June 27, the parent company of Facebook, Meta, checked Nigeria blue in the professional dashboard. As a result of this advancement, Nigerian content creators are now able to monetize their work and receive payment through Facebook in-stream, live, reel, bonus, and subscription ads. On Facebook, a few content producers expressed their joy over the development, calling it a huge victory for Nigeria. 

It should be noted that previously, Facebook monetisation was not available to content creators with Nigerian addresses unless their page management was based in an eligible nation. 

Requirement for Facebook Monetisation in Nigeria 

The following are the minimum requirements for Facebook monetization in Nigeria: 

  • Pages must meet Facebook’s monetization policies to be eligible for in-stream ads. Each page must have 60,000 one-minute views on videos that are at least three minutes long in the last sixty days, share at least five eligible videos, and have at least 5,000 followers. 
  • The payment method needs to be set up to receive money from Facebook Pay.
  • Pages must be located in a country where Facebook in-stream advertisements are accessible.
  • Creators must adhere to Facebook’s content guidelines. Videos and any other content that is violent, sexually explicit, or that encourages hate speech or unlawful activity are prohibited by Facebook. 

Other requirements and conditions to be met in order to monetize your Facebook page include being at least eighteen years old and having a page linked to your account. In addition, all content creators need to provide exclusive, original videos and advertisements that meet Facebook’s requirements for monetisation. You also have to abide by Facebook’s community standards and advertising policies, as stated earlier. 

Monetization Eligibility Checker is an integrated tool provided by Facebook that you can use to check if you have met the monetization requirements. If you meet the requirements to monetise your page, the tool will show you your page’s monetisation status. For individuals who manage so many pages, this tool is essential, as it gives a clear picture of your page’s eligibility status for Facebook’s content monetisation policies. 

Facebook allows monetisation in Nigeria on all types of pages as long as they meet eligibility requirements. Pages in the following niches, such as art, beauty, photography, gaming, media, technology, business, finance, lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, comedy, health and wellness, education, music, sports, and all transportation, are acceptable. 

With this announcement, content creators need to grow their Facebook and Instagram pages in Nigeria if they plan to earn money from the monetisation program. Below are some of the ways you can grow your Facebook and Instagram pages: 

  • Post original and valuable content created by you. 
  • It is advisable to set your page to recommendable. 
  • Posting at the right time is very important to reach a wider audience. Always post when your audience is online and available to engage. You can achieve this by monitoring your Facebook engagement insights to determine the times and schedules at which your post receives the most engagement.
  • Uploading content regularly will keep your audience engaged. 
  • Always check the Facebook community rules to avoid bans or restrictions on your page.
  • Facebook Ads are another tool you can use to grow your page and expand your audience. 

Identifying your target audience and producing quality content will help you get the most out of Facebook monetisation. Creators need to create engaging content that people want to share to increase page engagement and revenue. As earlier stated, you can monitor the performance of your page with Facebook Insights and modify your monetisation plan as necessary.


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