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MTN launches e-sim in Nigeria for selected devices

Only 10 countries in the World offer eSIM support at the moment and today Nigeria joins the league of countries with e-sim support. The arrival of MTN e-sim in Nigeria is the beginning of the end for physical SIM cards. The adoption of embedded SIM (eSIM) technology is slowly rising in Africa, with South Africa leading in the region.

Anchoring the event at the MTN Nigeria eSIM launch was Fisayo Fosudo, a visual storyteller and tech video producer. During the live launch he took participants back to the evolution of SIM cards and how it looked like.

CEO and COO of MTNNG, Ferdi Moolman and Mazen Mroue explains to the participants about the eSIM journey and what the future looks like for the Nigerian digital economy. Ferdi Moolman said, he was also astonished by the idea of SIMless devices. At the moment, not up to 15 countries around the world have eSIM support, Nigeria is the first in West Africa.

MTN got approval from the NCC to begin its 1 year trial of e-Sim services on its network. The eSIM trial will run for a year with a limited number of eSIMs, first come first served.

Embedded SIM (eSIM) refers to SIM cards built into phones and other devices.  It is the future of mobile technology and the next step in the evolution of Subscriber Identity Modules (SIM cards). It allows activation of eligible device in your chosen network by downloading an eSIM profile.

MTN eSIM is an embedded SIM card and a substitute for the physical and plastic SIM. Unlike the physical SIM, you do not need to insert the eSIM into your phone as it is already built into your smartphone, device or wearable. MTN e-sim service is introduced to remove physical SIM cards for improved user experience. It is designed to deliver unprecedented freedom and flexibility.

MTN is working towards a future where millions of connected devices will connect to mobile networks without the need for a SIM card.

  • Smartphones/tablets and PCs

mtn e-sim supported smartphones
Source: Eric Okafor

This new technology will mostly benefit businesses in the local market using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Another key benefit is ability to change an operator without having to change a SIM card will be one of the drivers for IoT.

  • It is extremely convenient for frequent travelers and tourist because it easier to switch between network operators.
  • It is built into your device therefore no SIM loss or damage.
  • e-SIMs allow you have more than one phone number associated to your smart device. They particularly useful for people who want to manage personal and business lines
  • You no longer have to deal with cutting SIM cards or finding adapters

You can activate the eSIM with your account profile and you are ready to enjoy all the services you normally would with a physical SIM. The eSIM trial which is open on a first come first served basis to a limited number of subscribers who own compatible devices will run for one year. For MTN subscribers with physical SIM card, you will need to perform a SIM swap into the eSIM.

Simply walk into any of the MTN stores and request for eSIM activation then a customer care agents will check your device for eligibility and walk you through the setup process. The eSIM activation is free. You will be provided with a QR code to scan and download an eSIM profile and perform the usual SIM registration. Visit this link to find the nearest MTN store close to you.

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