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How Nigerian Youth can earn 1 million Naira in 6 Months by Trader Dera?

Crypto and Forex Trader Dera, in a social media post on X, shared some tips on how Nigerian youths can earn 1 million naira in four to six months.

He wrote, “In 2020, I decided to take full responsibility for my life. I had $0 to my name as well as a few useful life skills, so I had to figure out ways of making money without being able to provide much value in the marketplace. There are a lot of people in this position, or worse.

This article contains eleven things you can do to make money as a youth or teenager that require zero or very little capital to start. Many youths have goals and ideas and are intelligent, but they can’t execute those ideas because they lack financial capability, and that’s why many of them are broke. Below, you’ll find out 11 things you can do to start making money and earn 1 million naira within six months without investing anything.

1. AliExpress or Shein: As an example, this T-shirt you see here cost about 8,000 naira from Alibaba, which I can tell you I purchased recently at a local store for a sum of 25,000 naira. If you purchase this T-shirt for $5 and sell it for 20,000 naira, Nigerians will find it cheap and, as a matter of fact, buy from you. One sale, worth 8,000 naira plus, was made aside from the cost of shipping and clearing.
How Nigerian Youth can earn 1 million Naira in 6 Months by Trader Dera?
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2. Cryptocurrency airdrops: This year, a good number of people I know made millions from airdrops. Mostly $NOT, $GME, and $Block What is an airdrop? It is free money. Airdrops refer to crypto projects sending tokens or other digital assets to reward their communities and generate excitement.
3. Tutoring: Do you know you can exchange your knowledge for money? I have a brilliant friend in my department at school, and I pay him over 30,000 naira a month to clarify topics for me. You can offer this service to your coursemates and junior colleagues and make as much as 100,000 naira monthly while focusing on your studies. Sell what you know! People buy everything, so sell.
4. Online surveys and micro-tasks: You can participate in online surveys or complete micro-tasks on platforms like Fiverr (data entry, transcription, voice-overs, proofreading, and simple research). Swagbucks (taking surveys, playing games, and shopping online) JumpTask (image recognition and data classification) Hawkit (content writing, data entry, and social media engagement) SproutGigs (data entry, web scraping, and social media engagement) Most of these platforms offer up to $1 for completing one survey. 10 surveys in a day is $10. About 14,500 naira.
5. Virtual assistant, social media manager, or reply guy: One of my friends earns over $500 monthly as a community moderator for projects in the Web3 space. All he has to do is reply to questions community members ask and also try to keep the group active. For a beginner, it could be 50 dollars weekly or $200 monthly. Around 290,000 naira. You can also level up your expertise as a virtual assistant. To learn more, check out Udemy and Alison. Also, IAAP and VANA offer courses and earn over 400,000 naira monthly. 
6. Selling recharge cards and DSTV subscriptions: I know a couple of folks who make over 100 thousand naira. They buy recharge charges of 100 naira for 95 naira and sell them to people for 100 naira. Apps like TDC and some others allow you to recharge and sub for way lower prices. You gain.
7. Funded Forex accounts: The rise in the number of prop firms in the trading space since 2022 is evident, and the number of lives changed, including mine, is uncountable. But this particular opportunity is limited to traders: instead of trading your $50 capital, you can purchase a prop firm of $5,000 for $45. This way, you can handle larger funds and make better profits. I’m currently funded $500,000 in simulated capital from multiple proprietary firms, easy money for your skill.
8. Affiliating with prop firms: If you can’t trade, this is another option for you. You can affiliate with prop firms. I strongly recommend you perform due diligence on any prop firm you affiliate yourself with.
9. Affiliating for products: You don’t need to own it to make money from it.” by getting people to sign up with my referral link and trading with Bybit. I have been affiliating with Bybit Africa. I get a percentage of whatever fees they generate.
Earn money from Bybit Affiliate as a Nigerian youth.
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10. The Middle Man Job: You can look for good businesses around you. Bring them customers and get paid a particular percentage. In a month, you’ll find out that you’re making almost 200,000 naira. Affiliate and promote brands to people who need the services. I did this for my friend before I learned how to build websites and apps.
11. Earning from lazy and “rich” people: You can make as much as 10,000 naira in a day by running errands for people who don’t have the time to do so. Here are approaches you can take to find jobs from rich folks. If you’re a student, you can observe the rich kids and make offers on things they hate to do in return for cash. There are always rich people around; find a way to offer them a service they need, and in return, you can get cash.
For example, you can offer to do their laundry at a discounted price compared to what dry cleaners offer. I will pay to have a person drop by my place three times a week and do a thorough clean-up.Do little jobs for the lazy and earn.

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The article ‘How Nigerian youths can earn 1 million naira in four to six months’ was written by @traderderaa.

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