Pan-African Cryptocurrency Exchange, Yellow Card Unveils New Brand Identity

Yellow Card unveils new brand identity
Pan-African cryptocurrency exchange reveals new branding to reflect growth, expansion and success as it continues to solidify its presence as the leading exchange on the continent

Yellow Card Financial is proud to unveil its new corporate branding. These changes come at a time where the company has achieved significant milestones, including a $15M Series A fundraise, and also reflect the transformation and strong positioning the company has on the African continent.

Since 2018, Yellow Card’s mission has been to create financial freedom for all through its app and educational initiatives. While the old branding carried the company through these last few years, the new branding embodies a greater purpose, key positioning and also marks the evolution of the brand as the strongest trusted brand in the market.

“We want to be synonymous with crypto on the continent, so we needed a more cohesive brand identity. We put this together completely in-house with creatives from across Africa, and I know the team is even more excited than I am to get this rolled out after all their hard work,” said Chris Maurice, co-founder and CEO of Yellow Card.

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“This rebrand gave us an opportunity to significantly improve the onboarding process and some other product flows. Now, the app isn’t just more beautiful, it is also easier to use,” he added.

The refreshed brand design is rooted in the continent and better reflects the diversity of Yellow Card’s customers. In addition, it is important for the company to feel accessible and professional in every engagement.

The company’s logo has been simplified, making use of leaf-like shapes for the “Y” and  “C” alluding to growth and financial gains. When it comes to brand colours, yellow remains the cornerstone reflecting a young, playful, yet sophisticated customer. The purple represents the deep, richness and diversity of the customers while alluding to royal aspirations. And the teal softens and compliments the yellow and purple – bringing in warmth and freshness.

Alice Tomdio, Chief Financial Officer of the company says that even though the visual identity of the company has changed, Yellow Card’s vision and direction is still steadfast.

“We are still in ruthless pursuit of our mission to provide financial freedom for everyone on the African continent. However, we want to re-emphasise our customers as central to everything we do, and being relentlessly focused on them. And we see our brand refresh as a way in which we can demonstrate that,” she says.

In the coming weeks, the new branding will be rolled out in different phases across the app, website, social media platforms, the play/app store as well as internal and external marketing and communications. 

Although Yellow Card has undergone this brand refresh, the ethos of the company and commitment to its current and future customers will always be the top priority. Yellow Card is committed to ensuring global financial freedom across Africa, with easy access to cryptocurrency.

About Yellow Card Financial

Yellow Card Financial is the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange on the African continent.  The company, founded by Chris Maurice and Justin Poiroux, launched in Nigeria in 2018, and since then the U.S. and Africa-based team have sought to make cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT Stablecoin accessible to anyone in Africa.

Yellow Card has the largest geographical footprint on the continent, with a presence in 16 countries and growing. In 2021, Yellow Card announced a $15M Series A, the largest ever by an African cryptocurrency exchange.


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