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How to Play, stake and Earn Passive Income with Micropet NFTs

Nfts (Non-fungible tokens) are digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items, memes, fashion and videos. They are bought and sold online via different digital cryptocurrency exchanges eg: Opensea, Binance, pancakeswap, Bakeryswap, Micropet Marketplace etc. Although NFTs and Cryptocurrency are decentralized and regulated by the communities that run them, NFTs cannot be traded for each other as they are unique representations of real-world assets. This means they cannot be traded or exchanged at equivalency.

In the third quarter of 2021, DappRadar reported that people had bought $10.7 billion worth of NFTs and in this article, we focus on the Micropet NFTs Market place. The Micropet project has one of the cutest collections of NFTs on the Binance smart chain network and it grants investors the opportunity to trade and stake NFTs to Maximize profit. MicroPets is an NFT marketplace that lists memes for sale. The Micro pets project has a native token called Micropet coin available for trade in the following crypto exchanges: LBANK , Pancakeswap, Bitforex, and Hotbit. Micropet security assessment was done by certik, one of the pioneers in blockchain security, utilizing best in class formal verification and AI technology to secure and monitor blockchains and webs3 Apps for more information on this check them out on Coinmarket. The Micropet Nfts market has a lot of opportunities one of which is that investors earn Micropet coins while they stake the Nfts they hold and also they stand a chance to earn BNB as well.

In the video links below I show us the steps to steps guide on how to purchase and stake the Micropet NFTs and start earning passive income.

How to purchase Micropets NFTs

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Earn upto $5000 in NFTs staking Pools


A big downside to buying NFTs is the fees known as “gas fees” or fees paid to miners for validating a transaction on the Ethereum network. There has been an increase in Gas fees due to an increasing number of transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, mostly driven by widespread adoption. NFT should be ourchased for fun and not as an investment and putting in only what you’re willing to lose, or dont invest in it if it would turn out to become a financial burden.

About MicroPets NFTs

MicroPets has taken the hottest memes in the crypto space, from Doge to Floki, and transformed them into loveable 3D NFTs. To purchase MicroPets tokens on PancakeSwap, visit its custom-built decentralized app and purchase a crate. Inside the crate is a random 3D NFT, each with its unique rarity and staking multiplier. The rarer the NFT, the better the rewards. The team also has an upcoming P2E game in development set for release this quarter. Tens of thousands of 3D NFTs have been sold. 

Disclaimer: This article is not financial advice, please do your research before investing. Cryptocurrency is highly volatile and we advice you invest spare money after if convinced.
The decision to invest or not to invest should be personal. Remember be smart and trade wisely friends!



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