Dole: Tech Innovation that can make life easy for you this season


Living in Nigeria comes with a lot of restraints and disadvantages especially with financial transactions. It could be a traditional bank network, bank server down, ATM terminals not disbursing funds, and so on.

We understand the fears and concerns of Nigerians regarding financial establishments especially during the festive season when you need them the most to come through.

There is virtually no day that passes that people are not seeking to make financial transactions in a seamless way. You may ask yourself, why? What is it about other financial solutions that are not working? Many valid questions, but Dole is the only valid response. 

Wondering what Dole is about? It is a digital wallet that gives the convenience of using phone numbers to make and receive payments and access to low-interest loans. Interesting right?

Aside from providing these services and customized virtual cards, low interest on loans, fast and reliable transfer on the app, and more to its users, Dole seeks to continually take customer experience to the next level and with its integrated application on both android and IOS apps.

Dole has proven to have an advantage over traditional means and its competitors as it breaks down geographical constraints and reduces to the barest minimum the cost of providing financial transactions.

In the spirit of the season, Dole seeks to reward some of its loyal customers through the launch of the ‘Secret Santa – 5 Days of Christmas’ campaign. Dole will be giving out N50,000 cash to 5 customers for the duration of the campaign. 

Excited about this? Yes, you should be. All you have to do to qualify to win is download the app from your Google play store or Apple store for IOS users and perform one of the following activities; 

➔ Refer someone to download the app and make transactions through the app; 

➔ Purchase airtime worth N2,500 and above on the app; 

➔ Make a transaction with your Dole virtual Dollar card; 

➔ Make a cash transfer from your dole app to another dole user; and 

➔ Be active on Dole’s social media platforms.

The app is user-friendly and embodies the vision of providing access to financial services for everyone in Nigeria.

The Dole App can be downloaded on Google Play and App Store for IOS users. For more information, visit here



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