8 Best UK Private Health Insurance Company 2023

Best UK Private Health Insurance Company 2023

Private health insurance is an insurance policy that covers the costs of private healthcare. It’s also known as private medical insurance. And it can cover you from diagnosis to treatment. Depending on who has to be covered – you, you and your family, or your children – there are several different types of UK private health insurance available:

  • Individual health insurance
  • Family health insurance 
  • Children’s health insurance 
  • Joint or couples health insurance
  • Business health insurance
  • International health insurance
  • Dental health insurance
  • Healthcare cash plans

This article will cover just the top private health providers. However, there are hundreds of insurers in the UK, each offering a different set of products and plans.

Benefits of UK private health insurance

In summary, what are the primary advantages of purchasing health insurance? In general, health insurance coverage will provide you with the following benefits:

  1. Avoid NHS waiting lines by receiving treatment sooner in a private healthcare setting.
  2. You will be given a private room if admitted to the hospital.
  3. Access to private consultants and specialists
  4. The choice of hospitals you’d like to visit
  5. More choice over who provides your treatment (or consultants and practitioners you like to consult)
  6. Access to certain cancer medications not covered by the regular NHS program
  7. Various perks, discounts, and member incentives

List of the Best UK Private Health Insurance

Western Provident Association (WPA)

WPA is a not-for-profit health insurance provider situated in Somerset, UK. They are also the owners of WPA Protocol, a sister company that specializes in corporate healthcare trusts.

WPA offers personal/family and business health insurance. Their health insurance coverage includes the following:

  • Inpatient and outpatient coverage
  • Outpatient coverage
  • Cancer treatment
  • Hospital cash benefits from the NHS
  • A private GP helpline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Employee Assistance Scheme
  • Ambulance transportation on a private basis
  • Nursing care at home

The Exeter

Exeter is a health insurance provider established in Devon that is formed as a friendly society rather than a traditional firm.

Exeter’s primary health insurance, Health+, is now offered in two coverage options: traditional and a new lower-cost guided coverage. When you purchase the Exeter traditional option, you select one of three hospital lists, and if you file a claim, your GP can send you to any listed specialist. You can then be treated at any of the hospitals on your list. You do not select a hospital list when you take out health insurance with the Exeter guided option. However, if you make a claim, your GP will issue an open referral to a type of specialist, and we will offer a shortlist of experts from which you can choose.

Health+ package includes the following:

  • In-patient and out-patient care
  • Outpatient coverage is optional.
  • Unlimited cancer coverage
  • The NHS cash benefit
  • Private ambulances are available.
  • Home care nursing
  • Parental accommodation


Bupa is a UK-based healthcare and insurance company with over 80,000 workers and 31 million customers worldwide. Bupa provides more comprehensive mental health coverage than any other health insurance company in the UK, with substantial treatment and support options for depression, anxiety, and addiction, among many other problems. They specialize in mental health support and insurance but provide comprehensive health insurance alternatives through products like Bupa Global. Bupa offers two different health insurance coverage. You can select either Comprehensive or Treatment and Care health insurance.

Their primary health insurance coverage includes the following:

  • Inpatient and outpatient coverage
  • Outpatient coverage is optional.
  • You have the option of selecting your private doctor.
  • Hospital private rooms
  • Therapies for mental health and wellbeing
  • After six months, private dental care is available.
  • Cancer treatment by a specialist
  • Physiotherapy and other therapies on a private basis


Vitality is a London-based private health insurance company with offices in Bournemouth and Stockport. They are a division of Discovery Limited, a South African financial services conglomerate.

Vitality private health insurance coverage starts from £1.25 per day. Its primary health coverage includes:

  • Inpatient and outpatient coverage
  • Cancer treatment
  • Private hospitalization
  • Physiotherapy
  • Assistance with mental health
  • Menopause assistance
  • Guaranteed full coverage
  • Vitality Care provides medical professionals’ advice.
  • Vitality GP provides online GP consultations as well as a 24-hour helpdesk.

Axa Health

AXA is a French international insurance firm and one of the largest health insurers in the United Kingdom. They are mainly active in Western Europe, North America, and India-Pacific. AXA Health offers different types of health insurance to suit your needs:

  • Individual health insurance
  • Small business health insurance
  • Corporate health insurance

AXA private health insurance plan covers the things that are important to you.

  • Complete inpatient & day patient cover
  • Optional outpatient cover
  • Access to over 250 hospitals
  • Fast Track Appointment service
  • Access to specialist cancer drugs
  • Unlimited GP consultations held online or by telephone
  • Second Opinion Service
  • Access to free online Health Centres

Benefits of AXA private health insurance

  • Fast access to private healthcare
  • Online GP service and 24/7 health support line
  • Award-winning provider
  • Your choice of hospital (from AXA Health Directory of Hospitals), specialist, and appointment time
  • Access to specialist cancer treatment and the latest approved cancer drugs on specialist referral. (Used within terms of their license. Subject to medical history and cover options chosen). 


Allianz is a German international insurance firm that is one of the world’s largest suppliers. Their programs are centred on international medical insurance, available in the United Kingdom and many other nations worldwide.

Allianz can offer three distinct insurance tiers to customers. These plans are known as Care Pro, Care Plus, and Care. These plans may include:

  • In-patient and out-patient coverage
  • Outpatient coverage is optional.
  • Treatments in an emergency
  • Evacuations for medical reasons
  • Private hospital rooms
  • Expat Support Program
  • Travel security services

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Allianz Worldwide Care offers a completely trusted solution that is quick and flexible regarding overseas health insurance. They provide four different core plan options designed to cover medical expenses incurred as a result of in-patient treatment, as well as a variety of ancillary benefits such as rehabilitation treatment and nursing at home. There are also add-ons such as maternity and dental plans, and coverage for routine behaviours such as doctor visits, immunizations, or testing can be added with a particular outpatient plan. For clients living in another country, the repatriation plan add-on enables a quick return home to receive necessary care if unavailable locally.

Freedom Health Insurance

Freedom is an award-winning private health insurance company based in the United Kingdom that was created in 2003. They are experts in delivering affordable and flexible health insurance. There are three private health insurance plans, each with a different degree of coverage:

  • Freedom Elite Comprehensive Health Insurance
  • Freedom Essentials Cost-Conscious Health Insurance
  • Freedom Worldwide International Health Insurance

Depending on the policy type and optional features selected, Freeodm health insurance coverage may cover the following:

  • Inpatient and outpatient care
  • Cancer cover
  • Outpatient therapy
  • Mental health treatment
  • Alternative treatments
  • Complications associated with pregnancy
  • NHS cash benefit
  • Private ambulances
  • Cash maternity benefit
  • CT, MRI, and PET scans
  • Nursing care at home
  • Dental surgery

Benefits of Freedom Health Insurance

  • You can save on annual payments – Fredoom health insurance provides a 6% reduction on annual health insurance policy payments.
  • It takes no more than two working days (5 for company policies) to set up your health insurance policy after your initial quote, so you can obtain the coverage you need when you need it.
  • Freedom Health Insurance will not charge you more if you live in or near a major city (as many other health insurance do).
  • The company provides exceptional personalized customer service.
  • With Freedom Elite or Freedom Essentials health insurance plans, you have a 2-year fixed price premium guarantee, which allows you to lock the cost of your health insurance coverage for two years at no extra expense. The terms and conditions apply.


Aviva is a worldwide insurance company headquartered in London. Over 33 million consumers globally, primarily in the European and Asian markets, are served by various forms of insurance. Its primary health insurance products are three distinct plans. Cancer Pledge, Expert Select, and Wellbeing Services are the names of these plans. These plans provide the following coverage:

  • Outpatient care
  • Acute conditions
  • Access to hundreds of hospitals in the UK
  • Coverage for cancer treatment
  • Hospital expenses and specialist fees

The benefits of Aviva health insurance

  • As of June 2023, about 1.1 million people have Aviva health insurance.
  • Choosing where you’re treated
  • As part of Aviva coverage, you’ll have access to various well-being services to help you live your best life, from healthy eating guidance to discounts at a nearby gym.
  • Cut down the waiting time.
  • When you’re in the hospital, Aviva insurance may cover the cost of a private room, giving you more peace and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions about UK Private Health Insurance

What is Private health insurance?

Insurance that helps pay for private medical care for a prospective short-term accident or illness. It is also known as private health insurance or private medical insurance. You can get it for yourself, your spouse, and your family, and having it can help you feel more prepared for any potential health-related bumps or bends on the road ahead. Private health insurance can provide you more control over your treatment options and alleviate concerns about how long you would have to wait for an appointment, from a private GP consultation to a condition diagnosis or surgery.

How much is UK Private Health Insurance?

The cost of your UK private health insurance is determined by various factors, including your age, where you reside, whether or not you smoke, and the type of coverage you select.

Your private health insurance coverage is unique to you, and the cost will also be determined by the level of protection you choose. You can, for example, select the amount of excess you want to pay. You can also determine how much money you will have to spend on specific treatments or sessions.

Private health care costs vary depending on the consultant, hospital, and treatment. A private hip replacement, for example, costs, on average, £15,000 (Vitality Statistics, 2020). You can afford more affordable access to private healthcare by paying a monthly subscription.

How is private medical insurance different from the NHS?

Private medical insurance complements the NHS. It focuses on giving faster access to care and more options for who and where you are treated. Anyone with health insurance can continue to use all NHS services.

Why do you need UK private health insurance?

Consider private health insurance if you want to:

  • Avoid long GP and hospital wait lists.
  • Get diagnosed and treated right away.
  • Access to specialized medications and treatments

Does health insurance cover me abroad?

Regular health insurance will not cover you if you travel abroad. You will require international health insurance if you relocate to another country to live or work. If you’re merely travelling for business or pleasure, you’ll need travel health insurance; this medical coverage will be included in your comprehensive travel insurance.