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What are the Best Business Phone Line Providers in Germany?

Are you looking for the best business phone line providers in Germany? There are many options when looking for dependable, scalable business phone line providers in Germany.

In the first segment of this blog, we will look at the key features of small business phone line providers in Germany and the second section, we will evaluate the top 3 business phone line providers in Germany by comparing some of their features, products, services, and other factors.

Key features of a small business phone Line Provider

Let’s take a closer look at the main features of a phone line provider in Germany for small business owners.

Cost: Before committing, weigh the short- and long-term costs of your small business phone line provider. While the price of the package and any associated equipment are important factors, you should also consider the cost of calls and any specialized features that are not, by default, available. To determine your phone bill, divide the total number of users in your small business by the number of VoIP providers who offer unlimited VoIP calls and video.

Mobile-friendly: Stop using physical phones and enable agents to accept calls from laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. In addition to lowering the cost of physical hardware, this encourages a remote or hybrid work style.

Easy Setup: Businesses often need more time to change their phone line provider out of concern for disruption. No business wants its support or sales personnel to be inactive for several days or hours while configuring a new system. This is one of the main reasons they look for a service provider willing to help with any necessary cabling or physical installation work and a system that can be utilised immediately with little to no training.

Reliability: Phone Line provider unavailability can negatively impact businesses of all sizes. Therefore, before spending money on choosing a new phone system, ensure both your in-office and remote employees have access to a reliable internet connection. The level of assistance the phone line providers offer when you have an issue should be considered.

Security: Business owners must select the best phone line provider with the controls and functions to guarantee the business’s privacy, security, and protection of voice communications and data.

24/7 Online Desk: A business phone line provider should have an online desk where you can manage the system. You’ll be able to do this to enable and disable call features as well as generate automated reports to understand better and control your conversations moving forward. Excellent reporting and analytics are crucial because they enable you to make well-informed decisions about your business. You can view information such as talk time, overall call volume, and calls waiting in line. A built-in reporting tool will be quite helpful for you because you might be unable to perform these data dives. This is the entry point for your business to leverage data to drive growth.

Software Integrations: These are yet another important feature to watch for. VoIP solutions that can interact with applications like a CRM system or accounting software will simplify your daily operations. It will require less manual labour, and you or your staff will have to do less if different software systems can communicate.

Other features of business phone line providers include:

  • Sending voicemail messages directly to your inbox, which allows remote agents to check for and follow up on voicemails from their own devices
  • Ensuring that all messages are responded to promptly
  • Installing an automated response system, shortening hold times, and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Instead of placing the caller on hold, create a personalised playlist of calming music or audio announcements.
  • Choose a fax-to-email feature to reduce paper waste.
  • Call conferencing, call forwarding, and extension dialling are other features frequently found in phone line providers for businesses.

Top 3 Business Phone Line Providers in Germany

In many businesses, remote work has become the standard, making it more crucial than ever to maintain effective external and internal interactions. To support smooth operations, we advise employing a robust and dependable VoIP system for your business. The following are the top 3 business phone line providers line providers in Germany in 2023. Let’s dive into their features and other information.


With its headquarters in Munich, Gigaset AG is a holding company with a global presence in the communications technology industry. The market leader in Europe for cordless DECT phones is Gigaset Communications GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Gigaset AG. The business is also among the top around the globe, with 890 employees and sales activities in about 50 nations.

Four divisions make up the company’s activities:

  1. Telephones: Cordless DECT phones and private-sector communication options
  2. Smartphones: A range of private-market Android-based devices
  3. Smart Home: Private cloud-based security and help systems for homes and flats
  4. Expert: Cutting-edge business telephony options for SMEs and enterprises

Gigaset Pro telephone solutions are prepared for both on-premise and cloud telephony service providers, accommodating anything from a tiny branch office to numerous employees across numerous floors. Our scalable variety of systems, all supported by HD audio quality and a full complement of expert corporate communication capabilities, are built for versatility.

Gigaset and Microsoft Teams: Fixed network and Unified Communications on one end device

The manner of working is evolving in many businesses worldwide toward more adaptable models with home offices and mobile work, for which cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) solutions are also increasingly used. Microsoft Teams is the company’s popular and widely utilized UC solution for business communications. No matter where employees are situated or their time zone, it enables real-time collaboration and communication across many platforms, including laptops and mobile devices.

With the inclusion of Teams in its IP DECT systems, Gigaset supports technological advancement in the workplace. Businesses are future-proof and can employ their current infrastructure. Microsoft Teams can be used with the Gigaset Professional handsets in addition to telephony over a PC and headset.

Gigaset AML: Alarm, Messaging and Location

Companies of any size in the broadest range of industries may dramatically enhance workflows in every area and raise the long-term safety of their workers with the help of Gigaset Alarm, Messaging, and Location (AML). At the core of this incredibly effective solution are the dependable, scalable Gigaset N670 IP PRO and N870 IP PRO DECT IP systems. They offer sophisticated message management with priority-dependent signalling combined with an alarm server.

Workers can view and respond to messages from their Gigaset R700H PRO, S700H PRO, and SL800H PRO* Professional handsets in an emergency, thanks to seamless handover and roaming. Additionally, precise location tracking is ensured. AML functionality is made available through licenses and can be added to new and existing Gigaset DECT IP systems.

You can view all of Gigaset’s Scalable, feature-rich communication that´s ready for business here.


Peoplefone is a publicly traded corporation with Swiss investors. Since 2005, Peoplefone has provided VoIP telephone connections in Switzerland and is currently ranked as one of the top three fixed network providers (independent rating). Peoplefone AG has subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, France, Poland, Slovakia, and Lithuania.

If you’re searching for a German telecom partner who can provide top-notch voice and data services, peoplefone is the best option. They are experts in dependable and simple Internet communication solutions. Connect your business locations with the peoplefone telephone network in seven European nations. Free internal calls allow for easier cooperation between the various sites. Integrating foreign numbers is simple, giving your company a global presence.

With about 500 local system houses, Peoplefone provides services to approximately 6,000 business customers. Since 2005, the company’s VoIP network has been steadily expanding. They provide you with a variety of options that are customized to meet your specific needs. Virtual phone systems (virtual PBX), free phone connections (SIP-TRUNK), and Internet connections are all examples of free phone services.

Small business owners can choose from any of the two services listed below:


Dominik Mauritz established vio: networks in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Bavaria. At this time, big, reputable suppliers controlled the telecommunications industry using ISDN technology. Dominik’s bold objective is to transform this market with a forward-thinking strategy and usher it into the digital era. The initial version of the vio: networks cloud telephone system will be made available countrywide in early 2008 after a solid six months of nonstop development and restless nights.

vio: offer secure business communication for modern companies. In the office, home office and on the go.

vio:networks Products

  1. Telephone System: Accessible globally, cheap and without hardware.
  2. Team Chat: from vio:networks
  3. Video Conferencing: Free video conferences with no time limit
  4. MS Teams Telephony: Making calls with the Microsoft Teams client

vio:networks Features

  • Basic functionality: The functionality of the cloud telephone system from vio:networks goes far beyond the essential functions, and they are included free of charge in the Starter, Professional and Premium packages
  • Groups: With groups, you distribute calls to several employees, and any number of call groups are included free of charge in the Starter, Profi and Premium packages of vio:networks IP telephone system
  • International number from over 50 countries: Your local network will provide a German number block of the proper size for your cloud phone system. Additionally, you can transfer your current phone numbers for free from your existing provider to vio:networks. In addition to your German phone numbers, you can obtain phone numbers from more than 50 countries with more than 5,000 area codes. This way, you can provide local phone numbers for your international clients. Closeness and trust are fostered in the business world as a result.
  • E-fax: Your outdated fax machine can be retired thanks to an eFax. Faxes can be sent or received entirely digitally using email or an app on a PC (running Windows or iOS) connected to the Internet. You can send and receive faxes online by doing nothing more complicated than creating an e-fax on the setup interface of your IP telephone system and configuring a few parameters.
  • Central telephone book: vio:networks cloud telephone solutions incorporate a central phone book, making contact administration simple and hassle-free. Your phone system makes it simple to store client information, and all supported devices can access it. Your contact memory becomes digital and international thanks to the central phone book.
  • Call centre: vio:networks cloud telephone systems’ queue function is the equivalent of a call centre. It is a massive benefit for all businesses that want to manage their incoming calls professionally, not just call centres. The queue function is helpful in many businesses’ daily operations, especially if they have multiple departments, like a technical support department.
  • The IVR voice menu: The company’s cloud phone system features automated call distribution. You can utilize the IVR (Interactive Voice Response), an electronic voice menu, to automatically pre-qualify incoming calls and direct them to the appropriate department or employee. Your callers first hear a recording, after which they click a button on the phone to select the proper destination.
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI): You acquire meta-information about your clients using CTI, mainly through integrating your CRM system, which establishes a personal level. Because you can immediately access all customer data during incoming or outgoing calls, you also save time on your calls. You will benefit from a professional and effective telephone solution with CTI that satisfies both parties.
  • Free Apps (Telephony apps for your smartphone, tablet and computer): Your telephone system is modernized with free apps. This means that any smartphone or tablet running the Android or iOS operating system and a computer running Windows or macOS can connect to the phone system in the cloud from anywhere, in addition to fixed desk or DECT phones. With this VoIP telephony software, you can fully integrate your phone system and have the same accessibility on your computer, tablet, and smartphone with a desk phone.
  • Telephone Conference: The most effective method of communication between more than two employees is a telephone conference call or Telco. The desired individuals are joined for group communication in a virtual conference room. No matter where they are, up to 50 people can join a conference and communicate with the best speech quality. Meetings can be constructively conducted over the phone, and telephone conferences make speaking with coworkers, clients, or business partners simple.
  • Voice encryption: Two data streams—SIP and RTP—are used to transmit conversations over the Internet while using IP telephony. vio:networks securely encrypt both using fundamental protocols, such as SIPS for session data and SRTP for media data like voice. A phone call can only be considered secure and tap-proof if both data streams are encrypted simultaneously. In vio: networks cloud telephone system’s Starter, Professional, and Premium packages, voice encryption of your VoIP connection is a standard service and is free for all users.
  • Online phone system: The checklist of the online phone system includes German-based data centres, SIPS and SRTP voice encryption for voice, a simple and intuitive web interface, cost reductions in several aspects, mobility and flexibility through location-independent use, and it eliminates the worry about your IP telephone system as a problem.

Other business phone line providers in Germany are:

  • Plusnet GmbH: Plusnet offers you products and solutions at various stages of the value chain, including managed network services for pure infrastructure providers, complete voice and data solutions for more extensive and medium-sized businesses, products and solutions for smaller and medium-sized companies, wholesale products for domestic and international carriers, and products and solutions for smaller carriers.
  • Interport Real: For medium-sized and small businesses with one or more locations, Interport Real installs and maintains expert telecommunications solutions.
  • Europeer Exchange GmbH: The intricacy of telecommunication networks, which are advancing and expanding exponentially, gave rise to the concept of Europeer. Consequently, large and small businesses need highly qualified personnel to care for their telecommunications interconnections. 
  • Snom Technology: Snom aspires to not only provide the most excellent IP phones in the world but also to address the demands of users in different industries with a diverse product portfolio of high-quality IP solutions. Snom software provides a wealth of functionalities to the business user for regular and unique use. Snom’s firmware has developed steadily since its initial release, constantly focusing on interoperability with various IT service providers and Internet telephony platforms. You can be sure that Snom is consistently among the first to offer these newest capabilities on their phones as technology develops.
  • dataXpert GmbH: The company was established in Frankfurt in 1999 as an IT system house in Eschborn. In Frankfurt am Main, the current organizational structure was developed through the fusion of IT capabilities, emphasizing private cloud infrastructure providers and operators for autonomous server, telephone, and data security solutions. dataXpert sets up your phone system, communication server, and IT network and provides you with entire IT solutions that are process-neutral and self-sufficient, either at your location or in their data centre.
  • Flixhost: Having been in the communications industry for more than eight years, Flixhost operates globally and already supplies the network infrastructure for many businesses.
  • Placetel: One of the top cloud-based providers of business phone systems is Placetel. They have been a part of the global Cisco family since 2018 and are a service of BroadSoft Germany GmbH. The Placetel phone system has won numerous awards and is specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Over 25,000 business customers have chosen a cloud telephone system from Placetel, which boasts over 150 powerful features and stands out for exceptional adaptability.
  • Easybell GmbH: Easybell is a central Berlin-based supplier of internet and telephone services. The company has exceptional access to affordable upfront services because it is a member of the publicly traded telecoms association Ecotel. Easybell has offered cosy and reasonable deals to individual and corporate clients since its launch in June 2006. The three primary commercial sectors are VoIP telephony, Call-by-call, and DSL complete connections.

The Bottom Line

The switch to cloud-based phone services has completely changed how we do business in light of the rise of remote and hybrid teams. Now, companies of all sizes may use any location with a reliable broadband connection to access the telecom services required to make or receive incoming, outbound, or intra-team phone calls.

You will need the services of the best business phone line provider in Germany if you plan to establish or expand your business there. Finding Germany’s top VoIP service providers is not difficult, but it is not simple either. You must consider several factors, including cost, functionality, customer support, frequency of software updates, installation method, security, and so forth.

We recommend that you partner with any of the listed German VoIP providers or the best toll-free number provider in Germany by evaluating each provider and making a final decision to ensure the growth of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Best Business Phone Line Providers in Germany

What is a VoIP phone system for small businesses?

Small businesses can place and receive voice calls using a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system, saving expenses by eliminating the need for a phone line and related gear. Along with advanced features like voice mail, call forwarding and virtual attendants, it can also increase scalability and flexibility.

What is a VoIP phone number used for?

A VoIP number uses an internet connection and is a regular phone number. Voice-over IP phone numbers are given to users rather than specific locations. This implies that you can utilize a VoIP phone app on any smartphone or desktop computer to use your VoIP number wherever you are. VoIP numbers are assigned through business phone line providers in Germany.

What is the difference between VoIP and SIP?

VoIP, or voice-over-Internet protocol, is a technology that enables you to place and receive calls online. On the other hand, many VoIP calls are made possible via the SIP protocol. It makes it possible for devices to communicate quickly and effectively.

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