Access Bank unveils AccessX to enhance self-service banking

Access Bank unveils AccessX

In the bid to boost self-service banking and provide top-notch digital service to its customers in the digital space, Access Bank Plc recently unveiled AccessX that it termed an experience Centre.

AccessX is a one-stop technology hub where its customers are taken on a digital tour spanning from Artificial intelligence to Robotics, and Smart data.

The financial institution said the centre is related to digital channels and a place to demonstrate the best of its innovative solutions through self-service banking.

Speaking to newsmen during the unveiling, the bank’s Executive Director, Retail Banking, Victor Etuokwu, said: “AccessX is an additional touchpoint to back up our customers.

“It is recognition of the fact that 90 percent of our transactions are engagement with the customers is digital and so those require support from us in some forms either on their cards, mobile apps or internet banking are given.

“As we are setting up this experience centre across the country, our customers will have a point of contact where they can get support, find out what is new on digital and get speedy service that is outside of the traditional branches.

“The traditional branches do have their place, they have something to support with but AccessX centre is 100 per cent digital support.”

Daniel Akumabor, the Chief Technology Officer – Channels, explained that: “There are a lot of concepts and services we can afford customers and that does not mean that this is an exclusive place where we do all that.

Customers coming in here can do a lot of things. They can resolve challenges, complaints, enquiries or requests across our digital channels.

“When they say digital channels, that stands for when there is a card, USSD, internet banking, mobile app are paramount for cooperate customers. 

“And as a bank, we are very innovative, we have a lot of our own solutions to the internet market, and we have things like face field, swift pages and merchant enquiries solution for our customers.

“As we roll out all those digital channels, we are able to them satisfied. This also gives opportunities for the customers to have full digital experience in channels we are all aware of and also it helps us get feedback to improve our channels and see the way the customers interact with our channels.”

How Access Bank – AccessX will improve customer experience

AccessX is accessible to customers from any part of the world to resolve things easily.

The Bank’s Chief Technology Officer, Daniel Akumabor said: “Here is the difference, we know that our customers like to do things digitally and if they go to any of our branches for complaints, there would always be some things that they will need to refer to service engineer at the bank’s office and tell the customers something like this would be resolved in the next few hours.

“The reason they do that is they would refer the matter to somebody else who is going to work on it but when you walk in here that is not going to happen because the tech skits can do it on the spot.”

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