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Things to Consider while Setting up your new Samsung A04E

Samsung manufactures some of the most potent smartphones on the market right now. Whether you own one of Samsung’s newest items or an older model. These Android-based tablets and smartphones are susceptible to vulnerability in a number of ways, including unintentional user error and malicious hacking. This manual offers a thorough list of procedures to follow while configuring a Samsung A04E mobile device in order to ensure total security. The initial steps you should do on your new Samsung mobile are to maximize its potential. There are so many wonderful ways to enhance an awesome phone.

  • Secure phone

Here, we take privacy extremely seriously. You’re in excellent hands when it comes to safeguarding the information on your phone. Numerous security mechanisms are available on your Samsung A04E smartphone to protect your data from unauthorized access. You can either enable a security feature or scan for potential threats. Make sure your Public SIM PIN is available. Create a PIN, pattern, and password for your device’s lock screen to prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your data.

  • Navigation gestures set up

You may experience seamless navigation on your phone without having to worry about uncomfortable button tapping thanks to the gesture feature. Your device now has more options for swiping across your phone thanks to an upgrade to the gesture navigation feature. When you want to check your schedule or make a call, you can quickly activate your device assistant, and a fast swipe will also display your recently used apps.

  • Manage Home screen

Everyone enjoys living in a cozy, spotless house, and your phone or tablet is no exception. Change the orientation of the screen, and add widgets, folders, and additional Home screens to personalize and decorate your Home screen. Your device will become more navigable and organized as a result.

  • Create a Secure Folder

Your phone stores everything, including confidential data and perhaps humiliating images. Using a unique passcode, you can conceal your private information with Secure Folder. In this manner, nobody will view your collection of selfies. You can begin importing your apps and files after your Secure Folder has been created. On your Samsung A04E device, simply press “Add apps” or “Add files” within the Secure Folder to select what you wish to add. Outside of the Secure Folder, you may access your Gallery app and choose which images to import.

  • Turn pop-up display

Selected applications can tell you when a new notification pops up using the Pop-Up View feature. The application will be displayed as a chat head once you’ve enabled your chosen apps and receive a notification. Where you can minimize and enlarge the window’s size in addition to changing the Pop-Up Window’s transparency.

  • Enhance Battery life

The amount of time a battery lasts relies largely on how it is used, and battery life varies between devices. The device user manual will provide information about the typical battery life for your model. Disable apps to enhance battery life as some apps may perform background operations that drain your battery.

  • Turn websites and messages into reminders

Phone reminders are essential for the forgetful. Additionally, Samsung phones have a few unique features for the Reminders app. Any website can be transformed into a reminder, first. Open the Samsung browser, select Share, then Reminder from the menu (three dots in the top right corner). Second, you can get a text message reminder as well: Long-press on the thread you wish to save under Messages, select Message options and then select Send to Reminder.

  • Modify the split-screen view

Many Android phones allow you to divide the screen in half so you may view multiple apps at once. However, Samsung’s operating system has been extending this capability for a long now; It enables you to pin a segment of an app in split-screen modes, such as a video, a section of your Twitter feed, or a portion of a map. By doing this, you can continue working on another task underneath while the clip remains on top of the display. To pin an app, navigate to it and tap the round app symbol above the window while holding down the Recents button on the navigation bar. Choose ‘Open in split-screen view’ from the dialog box.

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