Teni Unveiled as Leky Mills Brand Ambassador at its New Easy-to-Cook Yam Products Launch

Teni unveiled as Leky Mills Brand Ambassador

Leky Mills, an agro-allied food processing company and makers of quality and affordable processed yam products in Nigeria, have recently unveiled music sensation Teni as its Brand Ambassador at a press ceremony held in Lagos on Wednesday, January 26, 2022.

The modern agro-processing company has been in operation for more than a year with a clear value proposition to ease consumers’ pain points by making Yams easy and convenient to prepare within minutes. Through this commercial enterprise, Leky Mills has distinguished itself in the agricultural industry through its innovative value addition to the Nigerian staple while earning the trust of distributors, restaurants and working professionals who prioritise ease and convenience in their daily activities. 

The company also utilized the opportunity to launch its new products at the event – Yam sticks and Yam chips which are available in different product sizes and packaging of 600g and 2.5kg to Nigeria’s consumer market. Following the launch, Leky Mills noted it aims to provide quality and affordable processed yam products to consumers while at the same time bridging the gap between local production and household consumption in domestic and foreign markets within the short to medium term.

Leky Mills New Easy-to-Cook Yam Products
Leky Mills New Easy-to-Cook Yam Products

Speaking during the unveiling, CEO/Cofounder Leky Mills, Derinsola Adebayo, said: ‘’We are here to launch our new product offerings and unveil our Brand Ambassador which is Teni; our choice of ambassador is informed by her long history and deep commitment to commercial collaborations. We believe she has a strong personality, and with a proven track record, she engages with our target audience at a massive scale. Furthermore, he said, “We also want to share to the world this new innovative product that we came up with–a solution, and not just any solution, but a Nigerian and African solution to a problem that we all face. We believe Leky Mills offers those solutions by providing quality and affordable processed yam products to consumers.’’

While also commenting at the press conference, the Chief Marketing Officer/Co-Founder, Kola Lawal, added, “Our distribution will expand as we have now designed a robust distribution network and made it easy to onboard distributors into a scheme that’s profitable for all stakeholders. Initially, we were operating on a low production capacity as a result of new entry into the business space, but right now, we own a private facility with the capacity to produce a large number of products that can serve consumers in the country; majorly, Lagos.’’

Leky Mills Easy-to-Cook Yam Product Launch
Leky Mills Easy-to-Cook Yam Product Launch

Leky Mills is committed to the highest industry safety procedures with approvals, certifications, and licenses from all relevant regulatory authorities in Nigeria. Through its experienced team of employees, the organisation is committed to its mission of providing consumers with ease and convenience.


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