Tailwind, Social Media Marketing Tool Surpasses 1 Million Users Milestone

Tailwind, Social Media Marketing Tool Surpasses 1 Million Users Milestone

Tailwind, a leading small business marketing software platform, has surpassed one million members. The growing user base relies on Tailwind for strategic marketing automation.

With deep roots in social media marketing, the platform is expanding its software offering to assist small businesses and entrepreneurs with a wide range of marketing tasks.

“Of course we are proud to have reached the 1 million mark,” said Tailwind’s Director of Customer Operations, Kevin Lorenz. “But, what really matters most to us is expanding Tailwind’s impact by deepening customer relationships and providing solutions that matter to their bottom line.”

The company’s mission is to make world-class marketing easy for everyone.

“Helping small businesses owners achieve their goals is paramount in all we do,” said Tailwind Co-Founder, Alex Topiler.

“We know how time-consuming marketing can be. It’s hard enough for small business owners and teams to find time for everything they have to do to grow their businesses. The social media tool frees up valuable time while helping level-up their marketing efforts, so they can make an impact in other areas and avoid making sacrifices at work or home.”

Our members feel a strong sense of connection to the platform as they rely on it to accomplish an expanding set of marketing tasks.

“Tailwind is part of my team,” says Sandy Dedeian, one of company’s members. “Yes, it’s a tool, but I consider the app part of my team because it does so many things and makes my life easier.”

With an eye toward additional product offerings, Tailwind recently acquired Replier.ai. Replier uses machine learning to produce high-quality copy. Tailwind’s engineering team is tackling the challenging work of incorporating a new, sophisticated AI system into the platform.

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Customers appreciate the ways that Tailwind has grown and expanded its product offering.

“Tailwind has gone through a lot of iterations since I’ve had an account,” says Christine Martell, Founder of Visuals Speak and Tailwind subscriber. “It just keeps getting better and better.”

The social media marketing scheduling tool is backed by Pilot Growth Equity.

About Tailwind

Launched in 2015, Tailwind is a leading small business marketing platform that helps entrepreneurs, creators, sellers and marketers plan, create and execute world-class marketing campaigns across digital marketing platforms including Email marketing, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


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