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Protect your web browsers from social engineering attacks, Abdulrazaq Ameen Techspecialist

One of the most important technologies ever invented and still very much impactful in the daily lives of countless individuals is the internet. Web browsers serve as the software gateway through which users can access this resource and request/receive information. Hence, billions of people around the world use web browsers in order to access the internet, with Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox being some of the most popular options.

As usual, this state of affairs has not been lost on cybercriminals as statista reports that web browsers constitute the second most commonly exploited applications worldwide as of the third quarter of 2019.

During the survey period, it was found that browsers accounted for 13.47 percent of exploit attacks. Hence, this series seeks to explore the ways malicious actors use browser attacks in conjunction with social engineering.

Web browser attacks remains one of the most popular channel cyber hackers inflict damage. Most browsers hold important information such as credit card details, email IDs, passwords and more. Browser attacks can be performed by cyber criminals in different ways. Most times, they use social engineering that leads users to take actions which can begin an attack. It is a very common method of attack. For example users might be persuaded to take an action through links in phishing email. This takes them to their browser page where malware is downloaded on the device.

Join Abdulrazaq Ameen (@aloffawy) of Techspecialist consulting Limited (@tclafrica) on Friday, 14th August 2020 to learn how to protect yourself and organizations from attacks targeted at web browsers.

He will be discussing some of the ways hackers use to take over their victims web browsers and how it can be prevented. You can join using

Ameen Abdulrazaq a graduate of Ahmadu Bello univeristy is a certified cyber security expert, network Security engineer and system administrator. He has worked for techspecialist consulting limited for over 3 years.

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