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Oraimo Smart Watch OSW-16 Unboxing and Review: A Dedicated Health and Fitness Device

Oraimo Smart Watch OSW-16 comes with outstanding features with a focus on fitness and health.

You should note that the Oraimo Smart Watch OSW-16 comes in one variant: Black edition. On the welcome guide Oraimo stated that blood oxygen level function only works on white edition. We hope it would be released very soon to the Nigerian market. For this post, we will be reviewing the specifications and features of the black edition smart watch.

Oraimo Smart Watch OSW-16

Unboxing the Oraimo Smart Watch OSW-16

The box contains a combination of green and black colours showing the OSW-16 smart watch and 365 days warranty. The back of the box contains specifications, features and picture of the music legend, 2Baba. Inside the box is the Oraimo OSW-16 smart watch, magnetic USB charging cable base cord wire and welcome guide.

Unboxing of the Oraimo Smart Watch OSW-16

Specifications of the Oraimo smart watch OSW-16

  • Screen Size: 1.69 inches, IPS 240*280
  • Watch Size: 43*35*9.95mm
  • BT Version: V5.0
  • Battery Capacity: 200mAh Lithium polymer battery
  • Standby Time: Up to 15days.
  • Waterproof Rating : IP68 water resistant
  • Weight: 44g
  • Material: Zinc Alloy/PC/TPU

Design, Display and Appearance

In terms of display, the new Oraimo watch OSW-16 features IPS Colour Touchscreen with a screen size of 1.69 inches. The screen brings stunning colours and bright display when touched for quick controls and very easy to see both indoors and out.

Outdoor display of the OSW-16

The weight of the watch is 44g and it was very light to wear. It also features a dual-curve glass body which makes viewing experience better and thus shows the amazing work put in by the Oraimo design team.

Only one button on the side and the screen has a nano coating on the surface which makes it resistant to oil, stains, fingerprints and germs. Below the watch are the sensors for heart rate and the charging point. The detachable uneven, 3D diamond-pattern straps are made of polycarbonate material which are very light to wear and durable.

Oraimo OSW-16 3D diamond-pattern straps

Connecting your smartwatch to your Device

  • Download the Joywear 2 app on iOS or Android store
  • Select device on the app, allow device to use location and search for the Oraimo watch.
  • To enjoy all the features of the smartwatch, update the firmware version to the latest.

Using the JoyWear 2 App

On the app, there are various analog and digital styles to choose from, with some showing information about health, fitness activity than others.

Click on the Joywear 2 app dashboard to see different dial center and custom dial. The watch comes with four pre-installed dial faces and supports up to 42 different watch faces that can be selected from the dial center. In addition is the custom dial which is customizable by changing the font colour and background setting.


The OSW-16 comes with a basic set of apps: Stopwatch, timer, flashlight, , weather, alarm, find phone, message, music, sleep tracking, heat rate, work out, status, etc.

I tested it on both iPhone Xsmax and Tecno smartphones and it was a smooth experience. According to Oraimo, the OSW-16 smartwatch is compatible with both IOS 9.0 or above and Android 4.4 and above. All through the usage time, there wasn’t any lags especially while navigating. At first it wasn’t easy navigating but I got used to it with time.

Customized OSW-16 dial center

Touch controls

  • Swipe down for Alarm, Settings, brightness.
  • Swipe up to view and delete social media and SMS notifications
  • Swipe right to view fitness tracking, weather,
  • Swipe left to view the main menu
  • The side button works as previous option

Oraimo OSW-16 Fitness Tracking

The smartwatch features 13 different work out modes including: indoor and outdoor running, walking, rope skipping, swimming, table tennis, climbing. Badminton, basketball, football, baseball, cricket, and riding. Other fitness tracking features which helps you track your fitness level;

  • The OSW-16 smartwatch tracks your steps, distance, and calories burned .
  • Shows your sleep duration and time when you are awake.
  • Monitors your heart rate
  • Women can track their menstrual cycle, ovulation, and more using the female health tracking feature.


When it comes to notifications because of the difficult process to clear them I had to set it for only SMS and email notifications. To clear notifications, you can only delete one at a time.

The watch works with Bluetooth and when disconnected you won’t get notifications and message alert until the watch is within the Bluetooth range. You have to keep your smartphone very close to your watch or within the Bluetooth range.

Music controls

Using the Oraimo watch you can only control music playing on your smartphone without having to pick up your phone.

The music playlist on your device won’t show on the watch and you can only start, stop, pause or skip music using your watch.

Splash, Water and Dust Resistance – IP68 Certification

I put the watch to test in the rain and it was all good. No need to worry about water splashes or sudden rain. Rated IP68 for splash, water, and dust resistance, your watch is well-protected. The maximum depth you can dip the watch is 2 meters.

Shake to take Picture and Find your Phone Feature

On the Joy wear app, you will find settings and “Shake to take picture”. This feature allows you take picture without holding your phone. Shake the smart watch to take the picture. It works only on the Joywear camera app.

The “Find device” feature allows your smartwatch locate your phone or vice versa when within range. It sends a notification to your smartwatch or your phone by vibrating.

Comparing the Oraimo OSW-16 smart watch with the Omron M2 Basic heart rate readings

Oraimo OSW-16 smart watch and the Omron M2 Basic heart rate readings

The readings from the smart watch compared to the blood pressure monitoring device wasn’t accurate. The heart rate reading the watch gives you an approximate value and shouldn’t be used for medical purposes. The steps tracking was accurate and can be used for exercise purpose.

Battery and Charging Performance

The best upgrade about the OSW-16 watch is the battery life. After using the watch for two weeks, the battery can last up to three days of usage and up to 14 days standby time. The watch takes about 1 hour 15 minutes to full charge from 20% to 100%.

Charging the OSW-16

Video review and unboxing

I made a quick video showing how to set a custom wallpaper on the Oraimo smart watch OSW-16 using an iPhone device.


  • The device does have a voice assistant to assist you to do things without having to use your phone
  • You can only end calls from your smart watch and can’t make calls.
  • Customizable feature is limited
  • Users cannot select or clear all notifications at once.
  • No replacement for straps
  • Available in only one watch size and colour

Pricing and Availability

The Oraimo OSW-16 smartwatch is available across all authorized retail accessories stores nationwide at a retail price starting from 14,900 naira. You can purchase the device from Oraimo website here for 14,900 naira and orders within Lagos get free delivery through Speedaf Nigeria.


Oraimo are known for their outstanding and quality accessories. The OSW-16 smart watch is a fitness focus watch with an appearance of a smart watch and comes with a long lasting battery life.

The features can be improved on but at the price it is sold for, I think the device is okay. It functions best for fitness tracking, seeing notifications and time.

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