Kadena Launches $100 Million Grant Program for Web3 Builders

Kadena Launches $100 Million Grant Program for Web3 Builders
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Kadena has launched a $100 million Grant Program to inspire Web3 builders to come and innovate on the Kadena network.

Kadena Eco exists to empower builders to create new projects that transform the world. To realize this mission, we’re doubling down on our growing community by deploying capital towards the long-term sustainability of our ecosystem.

Kadena Eco grants will be applied to projects big and small, enabling builders of all backgrounds to succeed on Kadena. With our network of technology experts and strategic partners, we’re here to support builders every step of the way.

This grant program is just one of many forthcoming announcements. The program is a strategic initiative all designed to bolster the growth of Kadena’s ecosystem. By bringing together top industry minds, talent, and investors, Kadena Eco is supporting tomorrow’s best and brightest developments in gaming, metaverse, NFT, web3, DeFi, and DAO — all on Kadena’s blockchain.

“The future is blockchain,” said Stuart Popejoy, Founder and CEO of Kadena. “We’re empowering builders to pioneer new projects that transform the world, and we’re doubling down on our promise to make that happen by actively and responsibly deploying our treasury resources to ensure long-term sustainability of our ecosystem.”

Led by CEO Francesco Melpignano, a seasoned blockchain engineer, entrepreneur and technologist, Kadena Eco will accelerate the growth of blockchain technology by providing builders with a unique, scalable architecture and safe smart contracts. Kadena Eco has also appointed Decasonic Founder and CEO, Paul Hsu, to serve as Chief Investment and Innovation Officer, leading investment initiatives that promote the acceleration of innovation. Their goal is to deploy capital, technical and strategic support to empower builders to develop cutting-edge projects on Kadena’s platform.

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“Kadena combines the functionality of blockchain tech with the accessibility of the internet we all know and use every day, making it the perfect platform for builders to create their projects,” said Francesco Melpignano. “We work with developers and builders to launch their projects and back them up with the support they need to launch into the future. We have the resources and the infrastructure to create a multi-generational, sustainable ecosystem – there’s no better time than now for builders to get on board.”

What you need to know

Alongside it’s $100 million grants, Kadena Eco offers other valuable resources to turbocharge development on Kadena:

  • An accelerator (for early capital and mentorship)
  • An incubator (for hands-on project development)
  • A venture fund (for later-stage capital and strategy)
  • Research and development (to turn technical theories into real-world applications)

Beyond grant money, you’ll also get support from the CEO of Kadena Eco, Francesco Melpignano and the rest of the team to get you off the ground and building for success.

Grant applications are evaluated based on the following:

  1. Technical strength
  2. Detail of specifications
  3. Team experience
  4. Usefulness to the Kadena ecosystem

Applicants must be willing to adopt Kadena’s “build in the open” philosophy by contributing content, tutorials and product explainers in relevant channels and communities such as Discord, Medium, Stackoverflow and others. In turn, Kadena Eco will commit to engineering mentorship, office hours and community leadership in addition to monetary support.

Eligibility: All high-quality, open-source projects for gaming, metaverse, NFT, Web3, DeFi and DAO are welcome.

How to Apply: Click here.

For more information, check out the company web page and FAQ.

About Kadena

Kadena believes in the potential of blockchain to revolutionize how the world interacts and transacts. To realize this vision, The only layer 1 PoW blockchain that scales has reimagined blockchain technology and its connective ecosystem from the ground up. Our proprietary, multi-chain architecture and complementary tools are designed to make blockchain work for everyone – at speed, scale, and with energy efficiency previously thought unachievable.

About Kadena Eco

Kadena Eco is an innovation network fueling mainstream adoption of Web3, DeFi and NFTs. We’re uniting technical founders and entrepreneurs with the world’s top blockchain leaders, venture capitalists and acceleration partners to support startups at every phase of their development journey. By leveraging Kadena’s builder-centric blockchain that delivers Web3 innovation with Web2 usability, Kadena Eco aims to speed the development and adoption of meaningful applications that benefit everyday people, worldwide.


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