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Boomplay Receives Globally Recognized IAB Open Measurement SDK Integration Certification

Boomplay, the #1 music streaming service in Africa, has announced that they received IAB Tech Lab’s Open Measurement SDK (OM SDK) Integration certification. The Open Measurement SDK, provided by IAB Tech Lab, is a viewability measurement SDK for in-app advertising and desktop and mobile web browsers. OM SDK enables third-party viewability and verification measurement without requiring multiple ad verification vendors (measurement providers) SDK integrations.

This certification, achieved through testing of Boomplay’s OM SDK integration, confirms that Boomplay adheres to industry standards for third-party ad viewability and measurement. 

This certification brings Boomplay’s advertising partners several benefits. Buyers can purchase inventory with more confidence as inventory that is Open Measurement compliant offers advertising partners greater transparency into their media buying campaigns. For advertisers, OM SDK compliant inventory enables them to measure and analyze their ad spend with confidence accurately. 

For Boomplay’s developer partners, this certification benefits them in that, with a single solution for viewability and measurement, they will no longer need to implement multiple third-party SDKs from different measurement providers. In turn, this eliminates the need for proprietary solutions and improves user experience by eliminating the native app footprint and memory utilization. They will also be able to offer higher quality, measurable inventory gaining fetches, higher eCPMs, and overall can help to increase their revenue.

Boomplay’s Head of Business Development, Shawn Pan, said in a statement, “As a platform committed to driving the growth of the music industry in Africa, we have to stay true to strategic means of ensuring that transparency, credibility and ease are our watchwords as we continue to provide services to our brand partners. The easier it is for our advertisers to navigate our ad platform, the more businesses we can get and the higher the revenues we can raise for artists on our platform. We will continue to develop new ways to ensure we reach our goals across all our initiatives through partnerships and certifications such as this one.”

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“It is great to have Boomplay added to the growing list of companies certifying for the Open Measurement SDK. This certification demonstrates Boomplay’s commitment to building an ecosystem where buyers have flexibility in the measurement partners they choose to work with and further improving the inter-operability in our industry. Congratulations to the Boomplay team on this certification.” Jarrett Wold, Senior Director of Compliance Programs, IAB Tech Lab  

With Boomplay’s known aim of helping the African music ecosystem reach its full potential, this certification reveals its commitment to giving associated brands access to reach and connect with their target audience while operating with the highest standards of data compliance and transparency. Through the brand ads on Boomplay, artists on the platform will make more revenue from their music sales while music lovers enjoy ad-supported free streaming.

This certification gives Boomplay validated credibility for adhering to global industry standards in digital advertising and the digital marketing supply chain.



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