TOZO A1 Wireless Earbuds Review: The Price is a Steal!

TOZO A1 Wireless Earbuds

TOZO A1 True Wireless stereo is one of the best earbuds we have reviewed in a long time. Finding a good set of true wireless eabuds in 2023 isn’t easy because brands have flooded the market with different earbuds to choose from.

TOZO is an American company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA manufactures some of its products in other countries, such as China. The TOZO A1 is one of those products. It ranks as one of top Amazon’s best-sellers competing with Apple and received more reviews on Amazon than the AirPods Pro.

Is the TOZO A1 earbud a great choice for you? You will find out after the review. In our TOZO A1 review, we’ll let you know if they are worth the hype.

What’s in the Box?

What’s in the Box of the TOZO A1 Wireless Earbuds?

The box comes in white colour eco-friendly packaging with the product specifications at the back and the TOZO A1 branding design at the front.

  • The TOZO A1 True wireless earbuds
  • Charging case
  • USB type-C cable
  • User manual
  • Quick Guide
  • Three pairs of extra ear tips


  • Weight of each earbud: 3.7g
  • Earbud battery capacity: 40mAh
  • Charging case battery capacity: 400mAh
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • IPX5 Waterproof
  • Smart touch control

Design and Build

TOZO A1 wireless earbuds appear in a simple matte-black finish with a minimalist appearance and ergonomic design. The weight of each earbud is 3.7g which makes it lightweight while holding it in the palm of your hand. The weight of the charging case is 35g.

TOZO A1 Wireless Earbuds design and build

The earbuds are very comfortable to wear with or without the extra silicone ear tips. They just fit right into the ear. It comes with extra silicone ear tips which you can select from to fit in your ears. The Tozo earbuds didn’t fall out when shaking or during workouts.

The TOZO A1 earbud comes in six different colours- black, blue, green, pink, white and Khaki. We purchased the black colour for review. The charging case has a LED indicator that shows the battery percentage under the hood and has a compact body that is easy and comfortable to carry around in a jeans pocket.

TOZO A1 Manual: Connectivity and Controls

Moving to the connectivity and controls of the TOZO A1 earbuds, we will explain how to power on, pair and use the different touch control features.

How to Power On/Off the Torzo A1 Earbuds

To power on, take out the two earbuds from the charging case, they will power on automatically. Press and hold both earbuds’ MFB touch panel for over 3 seconds.

Place the earbuds back into the case, and the earbuds will power off automatically. When eabuds are not playing music, press and hold the MFB touch panel for 5 seconds to turn it off. The earbuds will power off automatically after it disconnects for more than 5 minutes.

How to Pair TOZO A1 Earbuds

The earbuds pair easily and work perfectly with your laptop, desktop computer, iPhone and Android phone’s Bluetooth. It features Bluetooth 5.3 and we were able to quickly pair the TOZO A1 earbuds with our iPhone Xsmax and TECNO Pova device. Follow the steps below to pair:

  1. Take out the two earbuds from the charging case, they will power on and connect to each other automatically within 10 seconds
  2. One of the earbuds flashes red and blue alternatively to indicate pairing mode
  3. Search for pairing name (TOZO-A1)

Note: TOZO A1 cannot connect to multiple devices. You can only pair the earbuds to one device at a time.

Correct Wearing of the TOZO A1 Earbuds

  • Ensure the ear tip is facing downwards
  • Rotate the eabuds back to the auricleside to fit snugly

How to Reset

If your TOZO A1 earbuds accidentally only get one earbud to work, or fail to pair, you can reset it by following these steps:

  1. Turn off Bluetooth and remove or forget (TOZO-A1) records on your device
  2. Take out both eabuds from the case, and quickly tap them 5 times
  3. Reset is completed when the red lights flash for a second
  4. Put the earbuds back into the case and take them out to reconnect

Note: If your device displays (Connection failed), please delete all (TOZO-A1) pairing history and pair again.

Key controls you should know while using the TOZO A1 Earbuds

TOZO A1 wireless earbuds controls are very easy to operate and get used to. Here are the key controls you should know:

  1. Double the left earbud to skip to the previous song
  2. Double-tap the right earbud to skip to the next song
  3. Tap once on the left/right earbud touch area to play or pause music
  4. Tap and hold for 2 seconds the right earbud to increase the volume
  5. Tap and hold for 2 seconds the left earbud to decrease the volume
  6. Tap the left/right earbud touch area once to answer the call o it will answer the call automatically
  7. Hold the left/right earbud sensing area for 2 seconds to hang up or reject the call
  8. When using single or both earbuds, triple tap the left/right earbud to wake up the voice assistant with a “Beep” sound.

Note: TOZO A1 eabuds volume control requires both the left and right earbuds. Taping and holding the left TOZO A1 earbud for 2 seconds will decrease volume. Holding the right earbud for 2 seconds will increase volume.

TOZO A1 Wireless Earbuds Performance

Honestly, some earbuds are always mediocre when it comes to sound and battery performance. The TOZO A1 wireless earbuds are one of the few exceptions. It features good sound quality and excellent battery life.

Sound quality

TOZO A1 Wireless headphones

After playing music through the earbuds, we noticed it has a dynamic sound that pleases the ear. The audio performance of the TOZO A1 earbuds did a decent job. Bass is present on the TOZO A1 earbuds but not very impactful. We don’t think at this price point, you can get a powerful bass. Overall audio quality was more impressive than expected for this price range.

The earbud has a built-in microphone for phone calls but is best to have your phone and video calls in a quiet area to avoid shouting. The earbud doesn’t cancel out background noise but performed well to reduce the noise. Watching videos and playing games is easy, with flawless synchronization between audio and video. We didn’t experience any lag in the sound.

Note: The TOZO sound App provides extra features for each of the supported TOZO devices and enables you to customize and optimize your listening experience. The Tozo App is still under construction.

TOZO A1 Wireless earbuds charging point

Is TOZO A1 Wireless Earbuds Waterproof?

TOZO A1 is IPX5 rain- and sweatproof rated. This means both earbuds can be used when running or performing daily exercise at the gym and they won’t be damaged by a splash of water, moisture or sweat.

However, the charging case is not water-resistant. Exposure to waste can cause damage to the case. Neither the eabuds nor the charging case should be submerged in water.

Battery Life

The black design of the charging case charges the earbuds with a 400 mAh capacity lithium battery and each of the earbuds has a capacity of 40 mAh. The charging case at 100% provided up to 3 full recharges for each earbud while I enjoyed playing music and receiving calls at an average volume for up to 6 hours on a single full charge.

Ensure you charge the case with the USB type C cable and a good power adapter. To charge the earbuds, simply put them inside the charging case. The earbuds need about 40 minutes to recharge while it takes one hour to recharge the case from 0% to 100%.

Note: Wipe the hardware contacts of the earbuds and charging box when the earbud is not charging. Also, note that the product is a built-in lithium battery. Do not expose it to strong sunlight, or fire or throw it into the fire to avoid an explosion.

TOZO A1 Wireless Earbuds USB type-C port

Final Thoughts

The TOZO A1 are pretty good in terms of fast connectivity, battery life, and design, and offers some decent sound. However, they lack powerful bass.

The two flaws we found in the TOZO A1 are that the buds are waterproof but the case is not. This means you have to protect the case while in use or leave it at home or in your car to avoid it getting damaged by water. We also noticed that the lid on the case closes easily. With even the slightest of breezes, the case closes. That was a bit annoying.

Overall, it is a great product for the price and an excellent alternative to other earbuds within this price range. If you are on a limited budget and decide to buy the TOZO A1 wireless earbuds, we would definitely recommend them for music, watching movies, workouts or running, and long use.

Price and Availability of the TOZO A1 Wireless Earbuds

The TOZO A1 is an impressive earbud under $20 and you can buy it for a price of $18 to $22 USD on Amazon, Aliexpress or eBay online stores. The TOZO A1 price on AliExpress is $20 (9,500 naira).

Here are a few online stores below with the best pricing:

Disclaimer: If you consider buying the TOZO A1 earbuds, I’d really appreciate it if you use the links in this article to purchase the product at no extra cost. Commission made will financially support our future reviews to be published on the website.

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