Some Top European Universities with Cheap Degrees for International Students 2023

European Universities with Cheap Degrees

Are you a student looking for affordable higher education options? If so, what are the top European universities with cheap degrees for international students in 2023?

Here are some European institutions that provide quality education without breaking the bank.

University of Pisa (Pisa, Italy)

  • Undergraduate tuition: 2,307 USD / year
  • Graduate tuition: 2,307 USD / year
  • Cost of living: 666-1,272 USD / month

Founded in 1343, the University of Pisa, known as one of the oldest universities in the world, boasts a low tuition fee and stands as a beacon of academic heritage. The public university is one of the most prestigious universities in Europe.

The University of Pisa offers various degree programs spanning diverse fields,

  • Undergraduate Programs in English: History, philosophy, sciences of communication and performing arts, cultural heritage studies
  • Graduate Departments: Food Biosafety and Quality, plant and Microbe Biotechnologies, agrifood production and agroecosystem management, Computer Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, telecommunications Engineering, hydraulic, Transportation and Territory Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, materials and Nanotechnology, marine Management and Administration, clinical and Health Psychology, Human Nutritional Sciences, sport Science for Prevention and Rehabilitation, Nursing and Midwifery Sciences, Health Professions of Rehabilitation Sciences, Digital Humanities, Italian Studies, Euro-American Literatures and Philologies, Linguistics and Translation, Geosciences and Geotechnologies, Business Communication and Human Resources Management, International Studies, and more.

Here are the requirements to study at the University of Pisa:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Proof of English language competencies, such as IELTS/TOEFL/CPE/CFE and other exams.
  • Application form, 
  • Birth certificate
  • Valid Passport
  • Bank receipt
  • Transfer and Migration certificate
  • Invitation letter
  • Caste certificate
  • Medical certificate and HIV reports
  • HSC and SSC mark sheet
  • Passport size photos
  • ID proof. 

Polytechnic Institute of Milan (Milan, Italy)

  • Undergraduate tuition: 1,846 USD / year
  • Graduate tuition: 1,499 USD / year
  • Cost of living: 743-1,524 USD / month

Free University of Berlin (Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪)

  • Undergraduate tuition: 684 USD / year
  • Graduate tuition: 1,000 USD / year
  • Cost of living: 652-1,237 USD / month

Heidelberg University (Heidelberg, Germany 🇩🇪)

  • Undergraduate tuition: 328 USD / year
  • Graduate tuition: 1,000 USD / year
  • Cost of living: 731-1,372 USD / month

Léonard de Vinci University College (Brussels, Belgium)

  • Undergraduate tuition: 750 USD / year
  • Graduate tuition: 807 USD / year
  • Cost of living: 764-1,389 USD / month

Royal University College of Fine Arts (Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪 )

  • Undergraduate tuition: 5,000 USD / year
  • Graduate tuition: 5,000 USD / year
  • Cost of living: 774-1,527 USD / month

Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Eindhoven, Netherlands 🇳🇱)

  • Undergraduate tuition: 5,000 USD / year
  • Graduate tuition: 5,000 USD / year
  • Cost of living: 633-1,242 USD / month


Pursuing higher education doesn’t have to be financially burdensome, especially if you’re an international student. If you are a student planning to continue your academic journey in Europe, you should check out any of the institutions listed.

Please do not rush to apply because it is cheap! Just take your time and enquire about the university you are applying to. We encourage you also to check the list of courses offered at any of the European Universities with Cheap Degrees to be sure that your desired course is offered in the school.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about European Universities with Cheap Degrees

Which European country has the cheapest university for international students?

Poland has one of the most reasonable tuition costs in Europe, and it has a thriving cultural scene in addition to a top-notch educational system. Higher education institutions in the nation are well known for their academic excellence, with many of their universities being among the best in Europe.

Which country has the lowest tuition fees for international students?

Iceland is famous for providing international students with free or cheap education and has many advantages. Iceland is a perfect place to study abroad because it has affordable school fees, many different subjects to learn, and well-known universities.

Which European country is best for African students?

With 14% of students from the region studying there, France is the most popular study-abroad country for students from sub-Saharan Africa. Nearly 92,000 students from sub-Saharan Africa attended universities in France during the academic year 2021–2022, drawn by the nation’s universities and surroundings.

Which is the best country to study in Europe?

The UK is among the most significant nations to study in the world for international students.

Which European country is best for study and work in 2023?

Denmark is a great country to study in Europe. It is also very cozy because they have a cultural practice called hygge, which means having cozy get-togethers with loved ones. Are you trying to find some fresh ideas? Creativity and innovation are essential in Danish classrooms and beyond.

Is it cheaper to study in Europe or the USA?

Studying at private universities in Europe is usually less expensive than public and private universities in the USA. However, European private colleges are less prestigious than US colleges.

Which country is cheaper for international students, the UK or the USA?

Studying in a different country can be expensive, but going to the UK is often cheaper than going to the US. The amount of money you must pay for your studies in the UK will vary depending on the university you pick. It could be around £15,000 to £30,000 per year, or even higher.

Is Canada or the USA cheaper to study?

The United States is famous for its expensive education and high cost of living, but studying in Canada is generally cheaper. But the prices vary significantly in each country, depending on the schools and classes.