itel unveils New Logo, Restates Commitment To Reshaping Smart Life Service In Nigeria

el Unveils New Logo, Restates Commitment To Reshaping Smart Life Service In Nigeria

Leading smart life brand, itel unveils new Logo to herald a fresh era of innovation, a customer-centric philosophy, and a remarkable shift in brand identity suited to the dynamic needs of end users.

Sixteen (16) years on from its former logo, itel’s new look and logo underscores the brand’s commitment to being a reliable, innovative and ahead-of-the-market brand without compromising on its core values of affordability, quality and accessibility. Having defined the brand for over a decade, the old logo gives way to a more modern, vibrant and readily identifiable one, capturing the essence of itel’s brand promise to “Enjoy Better Life.”

Since its inception, itel has stayed true to its promise of providing quality yet pocket-friendly electronic products that resonate with user demands and allow consumers to pick from a range of sophisticated devices that spark their electronic experience. The introduction of the new logo plays up a significant turning point in the brand’s history and a resolve to remain relevant in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

The unveiling of the logo points to a well-thought-out rebranding initiative that signifies constant growth and expansion. itel remains committed to churning out a lineup of affordable and innovative devices that will enable users to enjoy a smarter life.

A New Evolution as itel Unveils New Logo

itel’s revamped logo, designed by DesignStudio, the global design team based in Australia, symbolizes a youthful, energetic, and forward-looking approach. Its colour of choice, magenta, is deliberate, indicating an inclination towards youthfulness and positivity to stay on top of the dynamic tech landscape. It signifies the power in itel devices and passion and energy for meeting user demands.

Also, by sticking with its now iconic speech bubble, itel continues to remind existing and new consumers that it is the go-to brand for communication and connectivity in the fast-moving world. Through the forward slanted angle throughout the logo, itel brings to the fore that it is not only catering to current consumer smartphones and other electronic needs but is also a brand focused on defining the future tech landscape with smart moves and innovations.

When it entered the market 16 years ago, itel was readily identified as a smartphone brand, but now, that perception and reality have changed. Not only has it grown into a comprehensive “smart life” brand, itel has now birthed a unique and diverse brand ecosystem that caters to various consumer needs. It achieved this by carefully understanding users’ unique needs and using technological advancements to provide smart life technology products.

itel’s diverse range of products includes smartphones, accessories, personal care products and home appliances, aiming to provide ecosystem service and help customers in emerging markets enjoy a better life. Today, itel holds its prominent position in the industry, including being ranked as the Global No.1 in the feature phone category and the Global No.1 smartphone brand under $75, according to IDC sales data in 2023 Q2.

itel is not just rebranding to look good or exchanging the old for the new; it is keeping faith in the company philosophy of meeting and satisfying the ever-evolving needs of consumers. This rebranding perfectly justifies a long-held position and resolve to provide accessible and innovative smart technology that empowers individuals and communities in emerging markets.

True to its mantra, ‘Enjoy Better Life,’ itel will continue to innovate and evolve in its onward trajectory of providing consumers with ease, quality and affordability.

About itel

itel is a global smart life brand that provides affordable and high-quality consumer electronic products. With a commitment to understanding users’ unique needs, itel has evolved from a mobile phone brand into a comprehensive “smart life” brand, offering a diverse ecosystem of products to enhance customers’ lives in emerging markets. In 2023H1, it ranked as the No.1 Global Smartphone brand under $75 and the No.1 feature phone brand.