How to setup a Digital Printing Business in Nigeria, Cost and Requirements

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Digital printing business in Nigeria is a very lucrative but a capital intensive venture. In this lengthy post, we will be exploring the basic knowledge, cost and requirements on how to setup a printing business in Nigeria.

Depending on the type of digital printing press business you want to setup, their are some basic costs you will incur such as:

  1. Office space rent
  2. Equipments
  3. Overhead bills such as Office equipments, electricity bills, etc)
  4. Salaries
  5. Business Registration

A business plan is required for anyone that wishes to start a business. You can learn how to write a detailed business plan for your printing business here.

Choosing a Location for your Printing Business

Location is very important in this line of business, sufficed to say it is easy to find. It could be located near educational or major government institutions, near a district with office buildings or inside university campuses. You need to get a suitable place for your business location.

To start a profitable printing business. You’ll need to choose a location that works for you. Computer business centre run successfully in any urban city or suburban town, as far as Nigeria is concerned Abuja and Lagos are the main urban cities of this nation. Others like Kano, Ibadan and Port Harcourt are just in reality really big towns when it comes to computer affairs. So if you live in a modest town there is always the need for these services among the populace, it is scarce in Nigeria except perhaps Somolu, Lagos where it is saturated there, you have to have an edge to beat off the intense competition, but anywhere else you will be making easy money.

Location is also key in determining shop rent prices, usually for a shop the size of a garage it starts from N100,000– N350,000 Naira annually in some places and even more in Abuja city, but don’t be put off by that.

Although you should take heed, business centres don’t run well inside a market, because as a rule schools and offices are never built in a market. Preferably, it should be located outside the main market area, in a plaza or complex, or the middle of town.

Starting up as a beginner here are the list of services you could start with

  • Photocopying
  • Scanning
  • Typing
  • Printing
  • Spiral binding
  • Laminating (optional)
  • Online registration (optional)
  • Disc burning (optional)
  • Digital passports (optional)

These are all the essential services that are expected from a computer business centre. Some of the items listed above are optional means you can start the business without really offering that particular service or you could, maybe at a later date. Also ‘online registration’ is not a cyber café, this requires you to check exam results for people, fill online application forms, etc, and note that taking passports doesn’t mean you are now a photographer, this one implies taking passports and cutting them only, you cannot mix this job with photography.

List of required Items for Small Start-up/ Beginner Package

There are mainly of two categories of items; the ones that are capital intensive (e.g. printer) and those that need to be restocked every time they are finished. Here’s an estimate of all the items, model, price in naira and more information updated this year.

  1. Generator Set 2.2KVA Sumec Firman SPG 2500: 75000 naira
  2. Laptop Computer / All in one computer If you prefer a desktop computer, you should get a UPS: (45,000 naira)
  3. Printer Bizhub /Kyocera/Ricoh/sharp /Bizhub model series: All-in-one purpose printer
  4. Inkjet printer : Epson / canon
  5. Sign Post: 5,000 naira by arts and prints in your locality.
  6. Extension Wire: 1,200 naira
  7. Furniture: Three plastic stools, one wooden table (10,000 naira)
  8. Wiring/Electric installation: 8,000 naira for the generator input.
  9. Laminating Machine: 25,000 naira
  10. Spiral Binding Machine: For simple plastic binding (23000 naira). Other models include ones for metal binds.
  11. Digital Camera: Sony Cybershot model series. (16,000-45,000 naira)
  12. Photo Printer: 45,000 naira
  13. Plain Fabric White 1 yard: 200 naira for plastic background
  14. Fuel Container: 500 naira
  15. External CD Drive: 3,500 naira Since the mini laptop doesn’t have a CD drive.
  16. Stapler: 1,500 naira
  17. USB Flash: 2,000 naira
  18. SIM Card for data subscriptions.
  19. Internet Dongle: 6000 naira
  20. Bio-metric Scanner: 18,000 naira.
  21. Scissors: 300 naira

Business Plan Summary for Small Startups/Business

Capital to start business: Approximately 450,000 – 600,000 naira

Expenditures (monthly): 112,000 naira

Profit Margin: 64%.

Potential customers: Students and office workers majorly, and others.

Potential growth: Business can expand to other branches and/or cyber café.

Suitable location: Cities and suburbs.

Business hours: On average 10 hours daily, 8am – 6pm

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List of Required Items for a large Digital Printing Business in Nigeria

  1. Generator Set 4.5kVA Sumec Firman: 200,000 naira
  2. Laptop Computer / All in one computer. If you prefer a desktop computer, you should get a UPS: 45,000 naira
  3. Di machine: 150,000 – 750,000 naira
  4. Industrial laminating machine A3/A2: 140,000 – 200, 000 naira. (Industrial laminating machine is important and works alongside Di Machine for Laminating flyers , magazines ,frame works etc)
  5. PVC DIE CUTTER: For cutting business card/ access cards (20,000 naira)
  6. Inkjet printer: Epson / canon
  7. Large format machine (Banners , Sav stickers, flex): 1.38 million – 3 million (6ft – 10ft)
  8. Enlargment printer: For canvas or interior wall images (24-42 inch) Epson /Hp: 250,000 – 600,000 naira
  9. Jotter binding machine: 90,000 naira
  10. Badge machine: 75,000 naira
  11. Round corner cut: 60,000 naira
  12. Paper cutter industrial: 95,000 naira
  13. Creasing: 230,000 naira
  14. Eyelet for large format (optional)
  15. High speed Black and white printer Copier A3
  16. T-shirt printing, throw pillow printing. Phone casting printing, mug printing. (Optional)
  17. Invitation card foil machine: 620,000 naira (Optional)
  18. Screen print mesh for nylon, bags etc

Business Plan Summary for Large Business

Capital to start business: Approximately 800,000 – 4million naira

Expenditures (monthly): 200,000 naira

Profit Margin: 79%

Potential customers: Events, religious institutions like churches and mosques, institution, offices etc

List of Required Items for Professional Digital Printing Business

  1. Generator Set 4.5kVA Sumec Firman: 200,000 naira
  2. Laptop Computer / All in one computer If you prefer a desktop computer, you should get a UPS: 45,000 naira
  3. Di Machine: 750,000 – 7 million naira
  4. Industrial laminating (A2/A1): 450,000 – 1.2 million naira. Industrial Hydraulic Laminating are the most long lasting types of Laminating Machine. (Industrial laminating machine is important and works alongside Di Machine for Laminating flyers, magazines, frame works etc)
  5. Embroidery machine (one/two/four head): 2.5million – 4 million naira
  6. Industrial electric cutter: 480,000 naira
  7. Glue binding: 300,000 naira
  8. Industrial hot stamp foil machine: 620,000 naira
  9. Laser cutter: 500,000 -2.5million naira
  10. T-shirt printing (Sublimation A4/A3) : 120,000 – 400,000 naira
  11. Plotter: 175,000 – 400,000 naira
  12. Heat press combo/ single packages: 100,000 – 500,000 naira

Business Plan Summary for Professional Digital Printing Business

Capital to start business: Approximately 1.5million – 8.5million naira

Expenditures (monthly): 400,000 naira

Profit Margin: 85%

Potential customers: Events, religious institutions like churches and mosques, institution, offices, wedding couples, birthday events, banks, non profit/ organisation etc.

Business Registration

Choose a business name and register with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria. Once registered, you have secured a trustworthy and credible relationship with your customers.

To register your printing business name or company online, Visit this page.

Have questions on how to start a large printing press or a business center, send a message to OGB copiers on WhatsApp or call on 07013055337 or 08033477590

Author: ENGR. Eche Ogbuonye from @OGBCOPIERS

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