How to Register for the Police Central Motor Registry Information System (CMRIS)

Police Central Motor Registry Information System (CMRIS)

In April 2023, the Nigeria Police Force introduced the digitalized Central Motor Registry Information System (e-CMR) for the seamless management of every motor vehicle and its ownership. This was established to address the rising sophistication of vehicular crime in the country.

With the launch of the e-CMR, motor vehicle owners in Nigeria are now able to provide information about their vehicles, their ownership, and other necessary details that will aid digital age policing remotely by using an internet-enabled device.

In this article, a popular X user, @Ridwanullahii, outlines the step-by-step procedure on how to do the police Central Motor Registry Information System (CMRIS) registration.

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The Central Motor Registry Information System (CMIRS) is a repository of information on vehicles operating on Nigerian roads. Each vehicle owner is required to register the motor vehicle in the registry and be issued a motor vehicle information certificate. There is a portal designed to enable motor vehicle owners to comply with this requirement by providing information online about their vehicles, their ownership, and other necessary details that will support the police in maintaining information on vehicles. This will come in handy, aid the investigation of vehicle theft, and speed up recovery processes.

It is advised that you register your vehicle on the CMRIS and get your vehicle information certificate to avoid an altercation with the police and prevent them from extorting you.

  • Visit and fill out the registration form.
  • To register, you’ll need the vehicle registration number, chassis number, engine number, vehicle color, model, product, email address, phone number, and NIN.

Steps to register on the website:

  1. Click Get Started
  2. Create a profile with an NIN, driver’s license, or TIN. If you have an existing profile, just log in.
  3. Click CMR Requests.
  4. Provide vehicle details.
  5. Confirm the accuracy of the details submitted.
  6. Make payment.
  7. Once you have completed the registration form, you will need to verify your email address and phone number.
  8. After that, you’ll be able to access the CMR portal. From there, you can view information about your vehicle, including registration status, insurance status, and more.

To contact the CMR helpline, dial +234 (0) 9090210110 or +234 (0) 8033781585.

To report cases of extortion by the police as regards this case or any other case, dial this 24-hour complaint line at +234 (0) 708000000. You can also reach out to their Twitter handle, @PoliceNG, and email address,

Or you can reach out to the Force PPRO, @Princemoye1. You can also visit the Nigerian Police Force website to learn more at

In conclusion, police extortion undermines democracy, human rights, and societal trust. Through collaborative efforts, transparency, and unwavering commitment, Nigeria can pave the way for a more accountable and just law enforcement system.

About Central Motor Registry Information System (e-CMR)

CMR is a comprehensive system designed to streamline vehicle registration processes to strengthen national security. Its full operationalization would facilitate swift and efficient tracking of stolen vehicles, significantly increasing the chances of recovery; and leading to the maintenance of an accurate and up-to-date database of registered vehicles which would aid in the prevention and investigation of vehicle-related crimes such as kidnapping and one-chance activities involving; the system is also designed to make it impossible for stolen vehicles to be re-registered, adding layer of security and discouraging criminals from engaging in such activities.