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Tecno Hipods H2 Review

The Hipods H2 earphones is Tecno’s first wireless earphone offered in only black and white colour options. The earphone is fashionable and convenient to use while making calls or listening to music. I have been using the earphones for two weeks now and I am quite impressed with its performance although there are some issues I encountered.

What is inside the Box

  • Hipods H2 earphones (2)
  • Charging case
  • USB charging cable
  • Extra Eartips
  • User manual

Tecno Hipods H2 Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Model: H2
  • Weight: 55.5g
  • Dimensions: 58 * 58 * 29.6 mm
  • Transmission distance: 10m
  • Battery capacity: 45mAh (per earphone)
  • Charging case battery capacity : 300mAh
  • Talk Time: Approx. 5hrs
  • Standby time: Approx. 30hrs
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Playing time: Up to 6 hrs (60% volume), up to 4 hours (100% volume)
  • Charging time: 1hr
  • Voice notification: Prompt tone
  • IPX4 rated for dust and water resistance
  • Environment Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology
  • Available colours: Black and White
  • Supports IOS and Android system

What we liked

  • Smart touch controls
  • Long lasting battery
  • Good price
  • Dust resistance
  • Smart Pop-Up For Instant Pairing

What we didn’t like

  • Bluetooth pairing issues with random device
  • Charging case indicator light doesn’t change colour
  • Too much water can damage the earphones
  • Noise cancellation feature not good enough

The Hipods H2 Earphones

Tecno Hipods H2 earphone

The Earphones is quite Fashionable and attractive with its shiny finish black curve design. The earphones comes in a pair of Left (L) and right (R) which is clearly labelled. Each earphone should be put in the ear according to the label on it, otherwise it won’t fit. The eartips come in Small, Medium and Large sizes depending on how you want it to fit in your ear.

Each earphones has a touch panel for easy operations and function. The charging contacts, eartips, indicator light and voice microphone comes with the Earbuds.

Charging case

The black charging case come in a plastic round box design which houses the left and right earphones is lightweight and fits comfortably into the pocket which makes it easy to hold while moving around. The top of the case comes with a Tecno branding and a micro USB charging port on the right side. At the of the case is the charging indicator light which doesn’t indicate colour to show you the power status. The earphones fit firmly on the case.


Immediately you bring the out the the left and right earphones out of the charging case, then you can pair with the name Tecno hipods H2. When Bluetooth device has been connected the first time, the earphones will automatically reconnect when turned on at any moment. Bluetooth pairing wasn’t a smooth process for some devices even with the version 5.0 due to some technical reasons but it worked for most phone. If the pairing doesn’t go well first time, clear phone pairing information or reset bluetooth pairing and search for Bluetooth device to pair again.

Bluetooth transmission distance from your phone to the Hipods H2 earphone is 10 meters and it works perfectly in an obstacle free environment.

According to Tecno, the smart pop up connection works on only selected Tecno model which includes; Tecno phantom 9, camon 12, camon 12 Air, Camon 12 Pro and Spark 4. Others which we were able to test are the Camon 16 and 17 series.

Hipods H2 also has voice assistant function which gives you access to Google assistant for android system or Siri for IOS system.

Audio Quality

The Hipods H2 are quite good for receiving calls and playing music because the audio is clear and stable in a quiet environment. In a noisy environment it is a bit preferable with little sound distortion because of its noise cancellation technology and tight fit into the ear. It is built with an Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) technology, which improves the audio efficiency and gives me a lovely sound. The bass came out fine with great audio output and for this price it was okay.

Battery Life and Charging of the Hipods H2 Earphones and Charging Case

Talking about the battery life, the Hipods H2 is built with a 45mAh battery capacity per earphone while the charging case battery capacity is 300mAh.

The case is charged via the Micro USB port on the right aside and takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge. The earphones have a contact points which serves as the charging point. The earphones battery life is pretty impressive as we could use it for 4 hours for music and calls. The charging time for the earphones took about an hour.

Other Features:

Tecno officially states that the earphones feature environment noise cancellation (ENC) technology, IPX4 rated for dust and water resistance and comes with 120ms low-latency mode for better gaming experience also supporting sync between audio and video. We tested for noise cancellation and it worked out but wasn’t that effective. IPX4 water-resistant means the earphones could do away with water splashes and spills but it should not be immersed in water. I won’t advice anyone to try the water resistant feature because it wasn’t tested.

Tips and Tricks while using the Hipods H2

  • Play/pause music: Double click the touch panel to pause while playing music, double click to play again
  • Volume up/Volume down: press the R or L earphone touch panel to increase or decrease volume
  • Next/Previous song: Triple touch L or R earphone touch Penelope to next or play previous song
  • Answer/Hang up call: Double click the touch panel to answer or reject call
  • Reject a call: Press and hold the touch panel for 1 second and release after hearing the tone when the call is coming to reject an incoming call.
  • Switch/Reject three party call: Press the touch panel for 1 second to switch during the call or double click during the call to reject.
  • Call back: click the touch panel 4 times under music pause status
  • Turn on/Turn off Voice assistant: press the touch panel for 4 seconds under connected state or long press the touch panel for 4 seconds and hear the tone
  • Clear Phone pairing information: click the touch panel 4 times in pairing mode
  • Power on/Power off: To power on, open charging case and long press earphone touch panel for 3 seconds. To power off put earphones on charging case and long press touch button for 10 seconds.

Final Verdict

The Hipods H2 allows you to enjoy wireless and immersive music.

If you choose to get an affordable and long lasting earbuds with good sound quality, the Hipods H2 wireless earphones is worth your money. It’s a good transition for those willing to change from wired earphones.

Price and Availability

Tecno Hipods H2 in Nigeria retails for 11,100 naira on Jumia and it is available both offline and online in all phone stores nationwide.

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