Security Travel Tips for the Festive Season

Security Travel Tips for the Festive Season in Nigeria

The festive season is near, and it is always a time to look forward to because of the fun and entertainment that come with it, not forgetting the holidays. During this time, many people take a break from work to be with their families and loved ones. The season comes with so much merriment and, unfortunately, insecurity, such as armed robbery, kidnapping, banditry, and so on.

Let’s dive into some things that you should and shouldn’t do to give yourself a safe and memorable holiday. If you can’t afford to book a flight and plan to travel by road using either public or private transport, then here are some security travel tips for the festive season to have a safe holiday in Nigeria.

Stay informed

Travelers must stay fully informed and updated on any relevant developments in local news and events, not only before their trip but also during it. Subscribe to travel advisories and alerts from security agencies and other reliable sources to remain aware of any security issues or potential risks. In some cases, for example, in the southeast region where there is a Monday curfew, also known as “sit at home,” you need to plan your trip.

Research and Plan

Explore the regions you intend to visit in Nigeria. Get familiar with the destination culture, local laws, customs, and any safety concerns associated. Use reputable travel resources and guides to plan your itinerary.

Avoid Trouble Spots, Lonely Spots, and/or Dark Spots

In most of Nigeria, there are places notorious for insecurity. The crime rates in areas like that are high or may increase during the festive season.

Lonely and dark areas are comfortable places for street urchins to hang around, waiting for their next victim. Take an alternative route if there is one, and avoid such places for your safety. Do your research on where you are traveling, and as much as you can, avoid places like that.

Go Cashless

There is absolutely no need to carry all that cash with you when you are traveling. You must have heard stories of how people lost their money during the festive season, either through robbery or. Just get yourself an ATM card and load the estimated amount of money budgeted for your trip.

Here are other security travel tips for the holiday season:

  • Fill up your fuel tank well before you hit the road and top up only in major towns.
  • Make sure you always have a spare tyre, plug, and fuel pump in your car. Don’t ignore this.
  • Even if you are not the one driving, put your phone away and keep your eyes on the road.
  • Approach checkpoints with caution; they could be traps. Most security outfits only patrol vehicles on major highways.
  • If you must stop by the road, it is advisable to take that break in a major town. The villages harbor criminal informants.
  • Moving in a convoy has proven not to always intimidate criminal elements. Choose your driving companions wisely.
  • Try not to exceed 100km per hour so you can make your judgments timely. It will also help you look out for traps and appreciate the terrain.
  • If you can, please don’t use tinted sheets on your car. It sends a message to bandits and criminals that you are a VIP.
  • While driving, focus on the road and ensure that every 5 to 7 minutes, there is traffic in the returning lane.
  • Remove titles from your phone’s contacts. E.g., Hon. Alhaji, Chief, Inspector, and military ranks in general.
  • Schedule it between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Don’t leave too early, and don’t be caught in the late hours.
  • Do not stop to buy anything along any express road, either food stuff or bush meat, no matter how cheap they are.
  • Do not drink and drive to avoid putting yourself and other road users in danger.
  • You are advised to stay alert and report any strange occurrence or individual to the appropriate authorities. If you see something, say something.
  • Do not walk alone on lonely paths or in an environment you are not familiar with
  • Avoid flaunting your personal belongings outside.
  • Avoid staying outside at odd hours, that is, the wee hours of the morning or late at night.
  • Avoid coming into contact with strangers or those you have little information about in your home.
  • Always be conscious of your immediate environment
  • Keep the doors of your home locked at all times
  • Verify by knowing who is at the door before you open it.
  • Keep your loved ones updated about your present location
  • If you ever get attacked, do not try to struggle with them
  • Do not share personal information about yourself or your family on social media
  • While driving on the road, avoid taking alcohol or receiving calls.


These are security travel tips that will help tremendously, but we cannot guarantee total protection from these elements. The festive season should be a time of relaxation and giving. Let’s be security conscious and ensure we follow all security rules and regulations to have a safe holiday celebration.

For those who must travel for work, occasion or any other official assignment,you can use the link to reach out to the Nigerian police force in any state here.

Finally, always endeavour to be your brother’s keeper by checking up on the whereabouts of your loved ones at all times.