itel Partners With Airtel and FrontRow Sports To Foster Peace and Unity Among Nigerians

itel, Airtel and FrontRow Sports partnership

itel, Africa’s foremost mobile technology brand and maker of smartphones, accessories, and electrical appliances has partnered with Airtel, FrontRow Sports and Entertainment Limited, and UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) to foster peace and unity among Nigerians using sports. Recognizing sports, especially football, as a great unifier of people across the world, itel aligned with a host of partners to bring sports to their doorsteps while also pushing its latest P-series smartphone, the itel P40.

Held at the Campus Memorial Mini Stadium, Lagos Island, Lagos, on May 2nd, 2023, the itel Play For Power sports event was a beehive of activities. There were power challenges, press-up challenges, races between the teachers of the secondary schools present at the event, and mini-engagement games for the students as well to test their power and durability.

Everyone who participated were rewarded with gifts including the newly released itel P40 smartphone, routers and portable wi-fis from Airtel, branded shirts, face caps, itel accessories, school bags, and lots more.

There was also a football competition between four football teams. The football teams included the combined itel-Airtel team, Right FC, NMA Football Club, and the UNHCR Refugee Team. These teams played in knockout sessions, with Right FC and the NMA Football Club heading to the finals. Right FC emerged as the winner with a cash prize of 200,000 naira as reward with gold medals and a cup for members of the team. The NMA Football Club and the other teams were also given gifts to thank them for their fair play. The joy and happiness experienced by the participants and audience were priceless.

Oke Umurhohwo, itel’s Marketing Manager at itel and frontrow sports event partnership

Speaking at the event, Oke Umurhohwo, itel’s Marketing Manager for West Africa said, ‘We are using the itel Play For Power activity as an event to promote peace and unity among Nigerians. While it is also a celebratory event for the newly launched itel P40, a powerful smartphone that lasts 3 days with one charge, we want everyone to know that we are an organisation which believes in giving back to society as much as we can, when we can. This is a dual event- it is a partnership with FrontRow Sports and the UNHCR Office to play for peace and it is also a partnership with Airtel to play for power. Everyone present at the event have shown us truly that a peaceful coexistence is possible through the power of sports.’

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Adedamola Garuba, Head of Strategy at FrontRow Sports also said, ‘As part of the organizers for the Play for Power event with itel and Airtel, we wanted to find a way to use football to advocate for peace and power. People need to see that in peace there is also power. This made it a perfect partnership with itel who coincidentally have launched the itel P40, a very strong and reliable smartphone at the same time.’

Top dignitaries from partnering brands including Veeki Chen, Country Manager for itel; Oluwafemi Oshinlaja, Acting Chief Commercial Officer for Airtel; Oladapo Ajayi, Chief Officer at Plug Sports; Abisoye Adebayo, CEO of BOMART Integrated Services and COO Gasland Nigeria Limited; Lanre Vigo, Chief Executive at Plug Sports, and many more were present at the event to support and cheer on the initiative which many lauded as the sports event of the year.

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