Genesis X Gran Berlinetta: A 1,017HP Hypercar Concept Redefining Design and Power

Genesis X Gran Berlinetta:

The Genesis X Gran Berlinetta is a striking representation of automotive prowess, boasting a hybrid powertrain generating a whopping 1,017 horsepower and a design that’s nothing short of extraordinary. Combining the Lambda 11 V6 engine and the Yasa E electric motor, this hypercar not only delivers unparalleled power but also showcases a unique and meticulously crafted design.

Unveiled at the GT World Series Finals in Barcelona, the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta transcends mere digital renderings by being presented as a full-scale prototype, showcasing Genesis’ commitment and creative vision. Its low-slung profile, elongated body, and sleek proportions exude allure, with bold curves and intricately integrated air intakes contributing to a drag coefficient of 0.34 cd. The distinctive Quad Lights encircle the Crest grille and extend along the profile, creating a distinctive visual appeal, especially when combined with the striking Magma color and massive center lock wheels.

The interior of the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta is equally impressive, blending luxury with elements derived from motorsport in a minimalist and refined manner. The panoramic digital interface mounted at the base of the windshield not only displays crucial information but also enhances visibility by providing feeds from the surrounding digital monitoring system.

Attention to detail is evident in the luxurious knobs on the steering wheel, door cards, and dashboard, complementing the heavily bolstered seats that are quilted and padded, infusing an opulent touch into the carbon-fiber cockpit of this hypercar.

Powering the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta is the mid-mounted Lambda 11 V6 engine, churning out 870 horsepower and 790 lb-ft of torque, revving up to an impressive 10,000 rpm, while the quiet electric motor, the Yasa E, adds an extra 201 horsepower and 196 lb-ft of torque. With a combined output reaching a hypercar-worthy 1,071 horsepower and 986 lb-ft of peak torque, this places the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta in the league of models closer to the realm of the Bugatti Bolide than any other Korean-made vehicle to date.

John Krsteski, Senior Chief Designer at Genesis, expressed, (Our goal was to create a timeless design rooted in the essence of motorsport. He highlighted how this project has become a wellspring of inspiration for their future endeavors.

Although the concept might not directly translate into a production model, the sentiments of the designers leave a glimmer of hope that future Genesis products might encapsulate some of the allure and exotic charm of this hypercar.

Source: The article was written by Johny Hoang.