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Diamond Recycling in Partnership with Pakam Launch Recycling Hub in Alimosho

On Wednesday, January 31st, Diamond Recycling Limited, in partnership with Pakam Nigeria, the local economic development association of Alimosho, and Community Action Against Plastic Waste (CAPWS), announced the launch of a recycling hub in the local government for environmental sustainability. This collaboration will also empower women and youths on how to turn waste into wealth, revolutionize sustainable practices, and foster a community-driven approach to environmental responsibility.

Speaking at the event, during the launch of the new recycling hub, Mrs. Jacinta Anyaeri, co-founder of Diamond Waste Recycling Limited, said her company is strongly committed to empowering people on how recycling reduces hazards to nature and the environment, as well as creating jobs at all levels. She emphasized that this initiative would promote environmental sustainability and reduce pollution in Lagos State.

She further said, “We are here to officially launch the Diamond Recycling Hub at Alimosho. We collect and pre-process recyclables. We got incorporated in 2023, and today we are launching the hub to promote environmental sustainability and reduce plastic pollution.

Our company is creating awareness today for people to keep their recyclables in exchange for wealth. Instead of throwing their trash away, we want residents to know that they can also make money from their waste. We want to empower people through the promotion of environmental sustainability while adding value to the Nigerian waste management system in partnership with PAKAM.

Adeleye Odebunmi, CEO of Pakam Technology Limited

“Pakam technology is helping the waste management system thrive by creating awareness about the proper disposal of plastic waste for cash. Presently, we have five trucks for pickup across Alimosho, once you request pickup on the Pakam app, we come, get it, and credit your account,” Anyaeri said.

During the interview with journalists, Ms. Oreoluwa Odubanjo, Product Manager, Pakam, stated that Pakam’s role in connecting waste generators with waste collectors is for environmental sustainability.

“The major role of PAKAM is to connect the waste generator and the waste collectors. Hence the collaboration with Diamond Recycling Limited as collectors, as we cannot do the collection on our own. We collaborate with different waste collection companies that also have this goal or dream of achieving a sustainable environment.

“Diamond Recycling will be our major collector of recyclables in Alimosho Local Government Area. We are helping people make sense of their waste. We want to teach people that not all waste is waste.

“For instance, cartons and PET bottles are not waste; there are easy ways they can always be refined back to their initial form or be used to produce other materials useful for us,” Oreoluwa said.

Mr. Akinsanya Lasisis Ayinde, Chairman of the Ikotun Local Council Development Area (LCDA), commended the efforts of the recycling companies during the launch of four tricycles provided for the hub.

He encouraged everyone, irrespective of their age, to embrace the opportunity, recognizing recycling as a source of income and a proper way to dispose of waste. The chairman further urged Nigerians not to be discouraged but to give the current administration time to revamp the country’s economy.

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Mr. David Aiyeola, the Chairman of the Local Economic Development Association, Alimosho LGA, explained the importance of looking inward to solve Nigeria’s waste management problems.

He said, Today, we are here in partnership with Diamond Recycling and Pakam to donate a Recycling Material Recovery Facility center at Alimosho where residents can drop their recyclable waste. It is a synergy between all organizations involved to make residents begin to look inward and see how they can turn waste into wealth.

“We want the people of Alimosho LGA to know that there is a recycling hub where they can turn in their waste or request pickup,” Aiyeola said.

The launch marks the dawn of a new era for recycling and waste management in Alimisho local government, making it a great option for anyone looking for employment or an alternative source of income.

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About Pakam Nigeria

Pakam Technology is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) company that utilizes software applications and data to promote a circular economy and achieve sustainability through recycling and waste management. We focus on using technology to protect the environment, empower people, and generate profit.

Pakam’s mission is to create waste scarcity and make sense of waste by connecting waste generators to collectors and aggregators while promoting smart transactions and building data for insight.


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