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36 USA Student Visa Possible Interview Questions

The United States of America (USA) hosts the most number of international students in the world. Quality education, unique curriculum, multicultural environment, and abundant opportunities are just some of the reasons why many International students want to study in the US. Individuals who want to visit United States for studies are required to apply and obtain the United States Visa since the country does not offer visas on arrival. The United States Embassy/Consulate requires the applicants to appear for the visa interview in order to assess the applicant’s eligibility, verify the information provided for the particular type of visa and to test what you know about the United States of America. USA Student Visa processing starts with an application, then documentation, and finally, the visa interview with the United States Embassy in your home country.

Here are come common questions that may be asked by the consular officer when attending the USA student visa interview:

  1. Why do you wish to study in the US?
  2. Why did you choose the course you are applying for?
  3. Why have you decided to go to school now, instead of starting a career?
  4. How many universities did you apply to before you got accepted and why?
  5. How did you find this school?
  6. What is the name of the college or university you want to study in and why did you choose it?
  7. Where did you complete your high school degree? What year?
  8. Why did you take a gap year?
  9. Why don’t you want to study in your home country?
  10. Did you get any scholarships? Who is sponsoring your education?
  11. What qualified you for this scholarship?
  12. Do you have relatives in the US?
  13. What is your undergraduate academic GPA or percentage?
  14. What are your reasons for coming to the US for studies?
  15. How long do you intend on staying in the US?
  16. Where is the location of your school?
  17. Where will you be staying?
  18. Tell us about your academic background
  19. Will you study for a masters degree after your bachelor’s degree?
  20. What did you score on your tests?
  21. Can we see your high school transcripts?
  22. What will you do after graduating?
  23. Do you plan to work while studying in the US?
  24. Considering the current state of the US economy, why do you want to go there?
  25. Most applicants eventually turn to potential immigrants. What about you? Will you be returning to your country after your course?
  26. Are you sure you will not stay back in the US?
  27. Do your parents know you are going to the US for studies? Are they supportive of it?
  28. What is your opinion of the US?
  29. Did you visit other websites related to this visa interview?
  30. Do you have any relatives in the US? Who are they to you?
  31. In which country does your family live? Which city are they in?
  32. Will you visit home during vacations and holidays?
  33. How do you know the education system in the US?
  34. Which cities do you wish to travel to in the US?
  35. Why should we give you a student visa?
  36. What are your plans if your student visa is not approved?

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Tips for a Successful USA Student Visa Interview

It’s crucial to prepare for your student visa interview since it determines whether the visa will be denied or approved. Here are few tips to have a successful student visa interview:

  • Dressing formally and appearing confident to make a good first impression
  • Be prepared: Double-check that you have all the paperwork that you were told to bring with you and provide all the necessary documents for the interview
  • Double-check the location of the interview and make sure to arrive at the place early
  • Eat something before you arrive for the interview
  • Be attentive and listen to the questions carefully before responding
  • Provide straightforward answers
  • Students visa interviews are conducted in English, however, if English is not your native language, don’t worry. But communicate clearly without the need of a translator
  • Gather information regarding the school and program you plan to attend
  • Clearly communicate that you do not plan to stay in the US after your program ends
  • Make sure you are honest and clear. If you are found to have submitted incorrect information or fraudulent paperwork by the visa official, you may be considered inadmissible to the United States
  • An interview with a consular officer is likely the most stressful part of the visa application process. You need to remain calm and relaxed all through the interview. Even if you feel like you made a mistake, stay positive!

The United States is waiting! We hope you get issued your student Visa and travel to the United States.

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