Zindi launches recruitment platform for Africa’s data scientists

Zindi, a South African based startup has launched its new recruitment platform to help companies globally to connect with the best data scientist and right talent. This was unveiled at the AI Expo Africa conference in Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town-based startup Zindi announced the new recruitment app targeting data scientists.

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Earlier this year, zindi registered about 12,000 on its its platform that uses AI and machine learning to solve complex problems and offered them monetary gift to find solutions to curb COVID-19.

Zindi launches recruitment platform for Africa’s data scientists
Source: Zindi

Zindi has a community with more than 18,000 data scientists across Africa and the rest of the world. The plan is to use the database to assist companies and individuals in finding the right data science talent for the job available.

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“Zindi has the largest community of data scientists in Africa, which makes us uniquely positioned to help organisations find the talent they are looking for. We are proud to be pioneering a data-driven, evidence-based approach to data science recruitment in Africa to ensure you get candidates with the proven skills you need.” – statement by Celina Lee, CEO of Zindi during the launch.

According to Zindi, since the launch in 2018 55% of its users are looking for the next professional opportunity while 50% of users want to create startups in Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence.

Most of the users are beginners in the field of data science but approximately 50% of them possess more than one year experience in data science. These users have covered the necessary data science skills and languages with 75% possessing a bachelor’s degree or higher academic qualification.

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CEO of AI Media Group and co-founder of AI Expo Africa, Nick Bradshaw at the conference said “Zindi’s recruitment platform addresses the shortage of experienced data science talent faced by many organisations operating on the continent. With many organisations moving to become data-driven, the demand for these rare technical skills is increasing exponentially. This platform is set to make it easier for companies to recruit the best available African data scientists.”

COO of AI Media Group and co-founder of AI Expo Africa. Roy Bannister said “Zindi has made a name for itself working with African data scientists to crowd solve the biggest challenges facing the continent. The company has an impressive track record working with international corporates like IBM and Microsoft as well as organisations like USAID and GIZ. As a long-term partner, we are extremely proud of them launching their recruitment platform at Africa’s biggest gathering of data scientists and data-driven firms – AI Expo Africa 2020.”

Requesting for data scientists from zindi

Celina Lee’s addressed attendees at AI Expo Africa 2020 on Thursday 3rd September 13:30 – The Hiring Game: How to find the best data science talent for your company. She took the audience though Zindi’s new recruitment platform.

The launch of the new recruitment platform is as a result of the frustrations from organizations operating in Africa in need for the right talent to fill vacant position. Zindi announced the launch of zindi.africa/jobs in response to solve the challenges faced by organizations and individuals.

For recruitment requests, please send a mail to careers@zindi.africa

For more information about the new platform and recruitment process , please contact;

Zindi Community and Communication Manager
Paul Kennedy: paul@zindi.africa
+27 79 225 9286.

Join Zindis community

Zindi gives African data scientists a place to learn new skills, access to professional work and competition related to data science field. To join the growing community of data scientists rooted in Africa and working to solve global challenges through machine learning and AI then sign up here

About Zindi

Zindi was founded in 2018, as a tech platform that receives funding from private investors for its data science competition. The early-stage venture allows companies, NGOs or government institutions to host online competitions around data oriented issues. The founders are Ekow Duker, Celina Lee, and Megan Yates. The recruitment platform strives to bridge the gap between organizations and recruitment platforms.

Source : AI Media Africa

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