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Why Tatcoin is Africa’s Fastest Growing Utility Token?

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Tatcoin is Africa’s number 1 utility coin and will drive user cases from Ecommerce to charity. On the other hand, Bitcoin is an idea originally developed as an alternative and decentralized digital currency that could eventually replace fiat such the dollar and the euro.

Why invest in Tatcoin over Bitcoin?

It will serve as transactional currency for the following products:

  • AbitCrowd is a product that aims to help people become real estate investors through crowdfunding for as low as $13.81 cents (5,000 naira). Investors can be a part of the platform by staking Tatcoins as well as fiat currency. 
  • ABiTrader App:  With ABiTrader, people can learn about Bitcoin and also carry out peer to peer transactions within the platform. Students can pay for their tuition through Tatcoin and when the coin eventually gets listed on exchanges, they can trade it against other currencies.
  • ABiTReps: A community is essential to every project and the ABiT Network is utilising ABiT Rep as its community force. ABiT Rep is an affiliate marketing product that aims to help its members earn at least $82.83 cents (30,000 Naira) Monthly. 
  • It will also cater for Abit Go, Abit Discount Shoppers , Abit Play and others.

Schooling doesn’t assure employment but skills does. Abit network is a system powered using tatcoin where everyone can come and be empowered with the right set of skills to boost their economic power. Learn profitable skills on the go at Smart Fortune Academy.

ABiTfarm is an agricultural based platform created by the ABiTNetwork to help you make money from investing in generational Agricultural products such as Cocoa and Palm Oil, all from the comfort of your homes and offices. It gives you access to premium agricultural investments using Tatcoin as transactional token.

How to buy ?

  • Visit to register
  • Fill in your details and referral if any ( a verification link will be sent to your email then activate your account)
  • “LOGIN” to your account and locate “BUY TATCOIN”
  • You can choose any of the payment option (after payment Tatcoin gets credited to your wallet)

Refer others through your referral link to get 3% bonus on their purchase. The minimum investment is $25 and you can use other cryptocurrency to buy Tatcoin.

Tatcoin is tradable on Cryptocurrencies EXCHANGES and  used as a store of value for those who want to hold for long term due to limited supply and its TRUE utility attracts new users daily. This is because, supply can never be increased and those buying at 3 cents  will sell for more when it hits exchanges or hold for more years. Same way people bought Bitcoin in 2009 for 1 cent and still holding now that it is worth about 9000 dollars.

Tatcoin is beyond a transactional token, but is a movement and  community. It has come to revolutionize the blockchain community and  put Africa on the global scale of financial evolution. 

Think through, those who are going to be ahead in 10 years?
Will you be among them?
If not, then why not?
If you have bought Tatcoin, very great! but think about it, is the amount in your wallet enough to sought you for life if Tatcoin 100X?
If your Tatcoin wallet is empty, then visit

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