Tinder ’s face to face, opt-in video chat feature is now rolling out globally

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Tinder, the world’s most popular dating app to meet new meet people is rolling out a major new feature globally: Face to Face, opt-in-only video chat feature.

Face to Face as the company calls its own video chats was launched earlier this year for testing in select markets in the US as well as in Brazil, Australia, Spain, Italy, France, Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Peru and Chile, also with some members. The feature allows you to start a video call with your match directly in Tinder, making dating from home a whole lot simpler. It doesn’t require users to exchange private phone numbers.

According to post by TechCrunch, Rory Kozoll, Head of Trust and Safety Product at Tinder said “We’re excited to share that our Face to Face feature is rolling out to our global community after receiving positive feedback from our members who have had early access to it,”

“This adds to our growing list of features built focused on member safety throughout their dating journey, like Photo Verification, Safety Center and our offensive message detection technology. ”

Using the Video chat: Tinder Face to Face feature

Before you can start a video call, both you and your match will need to opt in to the feature. Navigate to your messages with that match, click the video icon at the top of the screen and slide the toggle to the right to unlock face to face. After you both have unlocked the feature you can now initiate a video call by tapping the video icon at the top of the screen. Users can end a call at any time by tapping the red “End” button. The live video preview allows members to check out their self before the video call.

The feature isn’t completely free of spams and unwanted users but limits such. ‘Face to Face’ feature is different from other video chat features in some ways because both users have to opt into the feature and matched already in the app before a video chat can begin.

If you’re not ready to accept a call or choose to not pick a call for some other reasons, simply decline it in the app or let it ring – either way, your match will be notified that you’re currently unavailable. And if you receive unpleasant or creepy calls from a match exhibiting inappropriate behaviour or calling you always, you can report such user by navigating to their profile and following the “Report”instructions on the screen.

The idea of tinder face to face feature is a good move with the lack of in-person dates due to restrictions in movement globally.

Tinder Video chat, face to face feature is currently rolling out to members on iOS and Android devices globally. Only members using the latest version of Tinder can access this feature.

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