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There is no doubt that technology has evolved since the last decade. We have moved from very gigantic computers to laptops, tablets and smartphones, from classic cars to automobiles that now run on water and electricity, from needing hundreds of employees to work in a factory to having automated machines doing the work, and many other inventions. We may not be living on mars just yet or have a cure for AIDS, but we may as well get prepared for the many exciting technological advances coming this new decade.

As we all know, digital technology is so broad today so as to encompass almost everything. No product is made today, no person moves today, nothing is collected without some digital being an integral part of it. With technology having it’s pros and cons, many actually record with the positives of digital life. According to research, People from different classes, in diverse fields and across all age groups have taken to the internet to share their own experiences on how inventions in tech have improved their lives and work.

However, technology has moved from being just a solution to problems to becoming a fashion accessory. In recent times, technologies now make statements such as class statements, mood statements, fashion statements, and so on. People now own some particular gadgets in other to complete their outfits or to fit into a social parastatal that has been created.

Taking phones for instance, a large number of the youths in the world use a smartphone. Smartphones are bought widely while Dump phones (phones with keypads and smaller screen) are now used by the older generations. Many people who buy and use smartphones may not explore the features apart from the surface features such as the camera or sound of their phones till they switch to a more expensive one simply because the intentions for buying it closely knitted to either the social class they belong or the social class they intend to belong to.

Another example of tech becoming a fashion accessory are cameras. We all can not deny that we have seen at least one picture of someone posing with a camera hung on their neck. This rose as a trend in our area of the world in the just concluded year 2020. It would interest you to know that about 60% of those who take a picture with a camera hung on their neck can barely operate the camera.

Canon Camera

Next, we have the wireless audio Bluetooth devices such as Apple AirPods, Samsung Earbuds, oraimo freepods or the regular Bluetooth earplugs. Earbuds/AirPods have been known to make class statements in our world, therefore making it a necessity to own one. Wireless Bluetooth devices which were made against the wired earphones (that usually gets all jabbed up) helps in complimenting one’s outfit. It is now the norm to have a wireless AirPod plugged to your ear to achieve a sophisticated look as it literally exudes sophistication because it fits whatever outfit it is paired with.

tech and fashion acessories
Bluetooth earphone device

Also, we have the smart wristwatches. Time telling technology has evolved from having a huge clock hung on the wall to us wearing wristwatches. However, time telling tech does more than just telling time in this era as it now tells how many steps one takes in a day and even gives information on our heart beat rate. We can as well receive phone calls right from our smart wristwatches and even receive and send messages on social media. The interesting thing about smart watches is that, they can be worn on any outfit to any occasion and that is why it has become a norm to wear a smart watch in place of a regular analog wristwatch. Having the options of changing the straps as some do, makes smart watches an easy go to gadget as it can reflect the mood through the colour the person wearing it has chosen, thereby making a mood statement.

Technology ; Smart wristwatch
Smart Wristwatch

Finally, a rather surprising technology that people now alternate its uses is the Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth are the rather louder version of wireless earphones. Although, they may be quite loud, this doesn’t stop some people in carrying them around while playing them in public. This can sometimes reflect the mood of the person. Many also take pictures with Bluetooth speakers or just naturally carry them to every gathering or hangout they go to. DJs, dancers, singers often own a Bluetooth speaker as this depicts what they do.

Conclusively, technology has been proven to benefit the world in many ways and is prone to continue evolving. The Fashion world is a very flexible space that allows almost anything in. Hence, the infusion of these gadgets to the fashion world.

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