Nokia rolls out software upgrade to 5G

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Finnish mobile giant, Nokia has launched a new software which allows telcos to upgrade its 4G radio stations to 5G without installing new masts or hardware. However, this is coming days after the British government said that it would ban the purchase of new Huawei equipment for 5G networks after December and already installed gears would be removed by the networks by 2027.

4G/LTE radio stations to be upgraded seamlessly to 5G/NR without requiring site visits or replacing equipment with the Nokia software. Without a doubt this latest software upgrade would change network operations.

In a statement, Nokia said this features will have a high value to Nokia’s customers as they provide immediate support for approximately one million radios, reaching 3.1 million by the end of the year and over 5 million in 2021. It will offer a cost-effective upgrade path to 5G and significantly smooth out its deployment.

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Speaking about this, President of Mobile Networks at Nokia, Tommi Uitto, said: “We already provide market- leading LTE radios to hundreds of customers around the world. This is an important solution because it will help our customers, quickly and efficiently upgrade their existing LTE radios so that they are 5G ready saving them time and money.”

This software changes conspiracy theories linking 5G mobile technology with Covid-19 during lockdown. Thus, 5G towers in several countries were destroyed amid rumors that the technology was responsible for the spread of the Coronavirus. The fear brought about attacks on telecoms workers, and almost 100 mobile masts set on fire. However, 5G is here to stay, and software development services are stepping up to meet the demand of a world that’s about to change.

About 5G Network

5th generation mobile networks (5G) is a major phase of mobile communications. It deliver higher data transfer rates, download speeds for phone users and high-speed communication for various industries and commercial applications. It demands higher data rate in a range of several gigabits per seconds (Gbps) . The network will be based on a transformed Radio Access Network (RAN) and Core Network (CN) for carriers.

About Nokia

Nokia Corporation is a Finnish multinational telecommunications, information technology, and consumer electronics company. Nokia creates the technology to connect the world. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of network equipment, software, services and licensing opportunities across the globe. A leader in the development and deployment of 5G network.

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