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Nigerian edtech startup, Teens Can Blog, to mentor young people in tech skills

Teens Can Blog is an edtech startup focused on providing on-demand technology skills particularly for the young population comprising secondary school students and undergraduates. It is building a community of self reliant young people through learning on-demand tech skills, and mentored to professional level. This idea was kick started by leveraging the founders’ technical knowledge. It was Co-founded with two other techpreneurs.

Most tech companies experience or anticipate a paucity of talents. And this is not only applicable to new startups unable to afford the services of experienced people, especially in terms of remuneration but also big firms that have to compete for the few qualified ones available.

Apparently, this challenge is not location-specific, and Nigeria is not excluded. To an extent, it is currently being addressed through the proliferation of different training institutes that specialise in tech skills. But it seems their impact is not widespread.

Consequently, the unavailability of skilled individuals to fill available positions also contributes to the country’s unemployment rate.

However, there seems to be more than one way for young people to develop coveted skills. Odoemena Augustine Chinonso, a Forbes-trained entrepreneur and his team of young techpreneurs, believes exposing young people to tech skills and mentorship is one of such ways.

“The team at Teen can blog took it upon ourselves to tackle the challenge of over-dependence on the government by changing undergraduates’ mentality towards success and self-dependence from our little community. We had only Abia State University……… Read more on Techpoint

For more information about Teens can blog, visit www.teenscanblog.com

Source: Techpoint Africa

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