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How to run android apps on your window PC

Microsoft has introduced a new feature via the ‘Your Phone app’ that allows users to bring their android apps directly to their Windows 10 PC.

The feature allows users get instant access to everything on their phone directly to their PC. It connects and mirror apps to your PC from your Android devices.

Features of ‘Your Phone App’

  • Make and receive calls from your PC
  • Gives instant access to the most recent pictures on your Android devices
  • Read and reply to your text messages from your PC and use your keyboard
  • Receive and manage your phone’s notifications
  • Run multiple Android apps side by side ( This feature is not accessible to users until later this year)

System requirements

  • A windows PC running at least the 2019 Windows 10 Updates and has a bluetooth radio.
  • Update your version of windows
  • The feature is available for only selected android devices running on Android 9.0
  • Android device must be switched on
  • Android phone and PC must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Available on select Android phones running Android 7.0 or later and have links to windows installed.

Installing the App

Sign in to your Microsoft account and download the app. Up to ten Windows 10 devices can be installed. The app to be installed must be on your internal hard drive.

List of compatible android devices

The new feature rolled out depends on each devices operating system or model of phone. To check for supported android devices please visit the link below.

Supported operating system: Windows 10 version 17134.0 or higher and Xbox one

List of devices that support link to windows and phone screen

From the list, the new feature is currently limited to Samsung galaxy devices.

Using the android app on your PC

  • Check to see if your Android phone is compatible.
  • Update your windows 10 PC
  • Download the ‘Your Phone App’ on your computer then sign in.
  • Select Link to Windows on your notification dashboard using your android device.
  • Sign in to the Microsoft account and allow connection to proceed. Your PC name will be shown afterwards in the Link to Windows section.
  • The display my phone screen option should be set on then click settings, and select Phone screen from the left menu.
  • Add your Android apps on your PC, pin them to your Start menu and taskbar. Open in separate windows and use alongside with other apps on your PC .


  • Some devices may block the ability to show to other screens, giving a black screen instead.
  • Some applications and games will not respond to a mouse of keyboard while others may play audio from your device. A touch-enabled PC is needed to interact with them.
  • Not all Android apps will work smoothly with the new app.

Link to download the Your phone App

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