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LarBish Nigeria: How to know when Car Tyres need Replacing

Tyres are very essential car accessories. You can have a very sound vehicle but if the Tyres are bad, it is safe to say that the entire vehicle is bad because Tyres propels the car to move from one place to the other. Even if you have a brand new engine and everything else is functional, without Tyres, the vehicle is a good as an immobile ornament.

The same way we know that Tyres are essential, we also need to bring it to your notice that GOOD Tyres can’t be found everywhere.

At LarBish Nigeria, we concentrate deeply on Tyres to bring you the best Tyres in the country. Our reputation is paramount to us so we can afford to go the extra mile to bring satisfaction to our clients all over Nigeria.
Also we are not only after your patronage, rather we’re dedicated to giving you some safety tips on a daily basis via our social media to enable a longer life tread of your Tyres

-Do you know that the full meaning of the Acronym TYRE means: TRACE YOUR ROUTE EVERYWHERE

Are you aware that your tyres has a manufacturing date?

Every Tyre has a birth date, the day it was manufactured, and an expiration date which is six (6) years from the manufacturing date.
Most automobile manufacturers warn drivers to replace vehicle Tyres after six (6) years.
Waiting any longer than that is a gamble with Tyre integrity and is risky for both drivers or passengers.

What is the Tyre DOT code?

Each Tyre has an imprinted DOT code on the sidewall. DOT stands for the DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION and the code is made of numbers and letters – they indicate the place and date of the Tyre’s manufacture.

The DOT abbreviation is followed by numbers that indicate the Tyre factory code and date, respectively.
Production time is indicated by the last three or four digits.

For example, the first two (2) digits pointed here shows this Tyre was produced on the 31st week, while the last 2 digits shows it was produced in the year 2012 (3112).

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