Facebook rolls out free-to-play cloud gaming service

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Facebook has announced the launch of its free-to-play cloud-streamed games in the app and on browser. It is playable instantly, with no subscription, controllers and downloads required.

Free-to-Play Cloud Games is Launching in Beta on Android and Web at fb.gg/play. Facebook cloud games is not available for iOS users due to Apple adjusted guideline around gaming services. Only those in the US can use this feature for now because of Data centers.

Jason Rubin, VP of Play, Facebook in a blog post said “We recently had 200,000 people playing our cloud-streamed games per week in limited regions, so while it’s not exactly a secret, I’m excited to lay out what we’re building”

He further said “We’re not spinning off a separate cloud gaming service. All cloud-streamed games are playable in the same way you play games now on Facebook either it’s in our Gaming tab or from News Feed. No special hardware or controllers needed because your hands are the controllers since we’re launching with native mobile games. And you can play these games with a mouse and keyboard on desktop.”

More than 380 million people play games each month on Facebook, and people will play cloud-streamed games right alongside those playing instant games in HTML5. And if we do our jobs right, you won’t notice how the games are delivered.

Facebook cloud gaming features

The cloud gaming set of games available this week include Asphalt 9: Legends by Gameloft; Mobile Legends: Adventure by Moonton; PGA TOUR Golf Shootout by Concrete Software, Inc.; Solitaire: Arthur’s Tale by Qublix Games; and WWE SuperCard by 2K Games. In the coming weeks more games will be added to expand the games library.

It is also introducing player names and gaming-themed avatars for players to represent themselves in game instead of using their full name and profile picture. Game developers integrating Facebook login for gaming can enable cross-play between the downloaded version of their game and the cloud version on Facebook.

In the US, cloud playable Ads is Launching on Android and iOS in the US. This is built on Facebook HTML5 playable ads format. This new format supports interactive demos from a game’s native code, blurring the line between games and ads.

Facebook has a newly designed Gaming tab which includes updated discovery and re-engagement features to help players find new games to try and get back into the ones they’ve played.

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